Inspiring Fountains of City Park in New Orleans

Looking for Inspiration? 

Spring brings out the desire to update and renovates our outdoors. The addition of new seasonal color, outdoor patio furniture, garden statues, and other outdoor accessories.  

Often, I go exploring in the City of New Orleans looking for outdoor fountains and garden settings.  I always end up at City Park.  There is tons of exploring with over 1300 acres and being one of the tenth largest City Parks in the United States it seems only fitting I explore it.  

Each time I start off on a little project, I find myself discovering interesting facts about New Orleans City Park. Reference: Wikipedia 

  • 7th Most Visit Urban Public Park in the United States 
  • 50% Larger that Central Park in New York
  • 1300 acres 
  • Over 150 years old 
  • World's Largest Collection of Mature Live Oaks, Some older than 600 Years 
  • Dueling Oaks remain today from the 1800's 

Inspiring Fountains of City Park in New Orleans from The Garden Gates on Vimeo.


 As I assembly each video capturing the days' activities, being able to relive the experience over and over is my reward.  I take thirty to forty minutes of raw footage and condense it into a minute or so.  

I hope you enjoy the garden fountains I explored in City Park in New Orleans this week. 

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