How Self-watering Planters Work

Self-watering Planters, it's Quid Pro Grow

Are self-watering planters a magic solution to not killing your potted plants? Well, they actually DO NOT water themselves. There is extensive thought that went into the process of creating one of these self-watering planters by Mayne. Let’s explore how these low-maintenance, self-watering, beautiful planters actually work. 

Self-watering Section

The first step to securing a great relationship with your self-watering planter is to actually water the new plant regularly for the first few weeks. This will ensure that the root system of the plant develops and grows downward into the troughs of the planter. This is where the magic begins. Once the root system has developed, a type of capillary action results from the roots being able to pull moisture from the built-in reservoir. Essentially, this is how self-watering works. The plant waters itself as long as there is the correct amount of water in the water reservoir. 
The Mayne self-watering planters are also built with an overflow hole to avoid the deadly over-saturation. Once everything is quid pro grow, you are all set for success with not killing your indoor plant. You can’t really lose with one of these planters. They are great gifts for literally anyone. Just remember, you have to water it for a couple of weeks to get the self-watering benefit.  

3 of Our Favorite Self-Watering Planters

Modesto Tall 32 inch Planter by Mayne
This modern style planter stand almost 3 feet tall with sleek curves. The Modesto Tall Planter by Mayne comes in 5 different color choices. All of the Tall Planters by Mayne are self-watering.
Mayne Valencia Square Planter
This stylish square planter has very sleek curves and stands about 18 inches tall and is only 7 pounds. The Valencia Square Planter by Mayne is available in 5 colors and can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. The other colors to choose from are black, brown, graphite grey, Neptune blue, and white as pictured above.
Mayne Cape Cod 3FT Window Box Planter
The Mayne Cape Cod Window Box Planter can be placed anywhere. Shown above in Graphite Grey, the 3 foot long planter stands almost 1 foot tall. This style of planter also comes in black or white. 
The Garden Gates offers the full selection of plastic planters by Mayne. They come in a range of styles, sizes and colors. Mayne has a fantastic warranty on all their collections that will give you a life time of enjoyment.

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