How Fountains Work

How Self-Circulating Fountains Work

Indoors or outdoors, fountains bring classic beauty as well as soothing sounds that are created by the pump and the type of fountain. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes to please and appeal to everyone. The versatility of a fountain will absolutely add elegance and style to your landscape wherever you choose to place it. Let’s explore how self-contained fountains really work.

Self-Contained Fountains:

Cast stone fountains by Campania International are self-contained. This simply means that the water you add to the fountain recirculates and is reused by a pump. The pump works by forcing water upwards to generate that classic falling water effect into the lower basin or basins of the fountain. The pump also uses hidden tubing and water pressure to keep the cycle going. Regular cleaning of the pump and making sure that no debris clogs the inflow of water into the pump will lengthen its lifespan. Being mindful of your new pump will also help to prolong the life of the pump and the beauty of the fountain. Fountain pumps by Campania International should only be connected to a properly grounded 110 volt plug.

Fountains require some easy maintenance: 

  • Keep the water at the appropriate level and always be sure the pump is submerged in the water while it is running.
  • Placement and weather conditions are also a factor. If the fountain is placed in an area where there is a good deal of wind or low humidity, the water will evaporate faster.
  • To properly clean your new fountain you simply need mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush. There are also some great environmentally safe algae solutions that make cleaning a breeze.

All of this wonderful information comes with your fountain from The Garden Gates. The instructions for each fountain can also be found on the product page of the website. These instructions list all the parts of the fountain and any additional tools needed for assembly. No external or special plumbing needed! Every fountain requires water to fill up the bowls and basins, a level ground or a level surface to place the fountain, and a safe place to plug in the pump.

Here are Our Top 4 Favorite Fountains

Concept Birdbath Fountain by Campania International

1) Concept Birdbath Fountain

This modern looking fountain actually doubles a birdbath. The fountain has sleek and stylish edges and is featured in the Nero Nuovo patina. The Concept Birdbath Fountain will look fabulous on any patio or anywhere in your outdoor landscape.

M-Series Rustic Spa Fountain by Campania International

 2) M-Series Rustic Spa Fountain with Planter

A must have tabletop fountain is the M-Series Rustic Spa Fountain with Planter. This fountain has a 2-in-1 feature so you can plant something beautiful around the fountain. This fountain is featured above in the Alpine Stone patina by Campania International and will surely bring ambiance to any room indoors or outdoors.

Savannah Fountain by Campania International

3) Savannah Fountain

This classic style fountain is gorgeous and offers 3 tiers of luxury. The Savannah Fountain by Campania International is pictured above in the classic Aged Limestone patina. The fountain stands about 5.5 feet tall and is quite heavy and sturdy.


Corsini Wall Fountain by Campania International

4) Corsini Wall Fountain

Another classic beauty by Campania International is pictured above in the Aged Limestone patina. The delicate details of the lavish Corsini Wall Fountain are featured on the back wall. The fountain itself is a little over 3 feet tall and very sturdy. This wall fountain will be aesthetically pleasing indoors or outside in your garden sanctuary.

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