Campania International Alpine Stone Patina

Alpine Stone Patina by Campania International

Alpine Stone is one of the best selling patinas for Campania International products. The Alpine Stone patina has a lavish and luxurious slate hue, inspired by natural stone that can be found in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Alpine Stone is a wonderful patina choice for picturesque or even rustic pieces that have a texture where the darker-hued shades of this can hide, giving the piece an accentuated authenticity. The craftsmanship and artisanal approach that Campania takes to create this color brings into existence a natural outdoorsy look.

Campania International Alpine Stone Patina

Choosing Alpine Stone can artfully create a beautiful piece for any of Campania’s products. When choosing Alpine Stone, first take a good look at your existing landscape colors. Alpine Stone is a medium to dark grey cast with under tones of rich green. As this stain is hand-applied, the grooves in the cast stone absorb the darker hues while the smooth surfaces reflect these levels of color.

Campania International Festival Dragon

Festival Dragon Statue by Campania International

The Alpine Stone Festival Dragon Statue can blend into your outdoor space or even stand out with distinction among your existing colors. The Festival Dragon's details allow the Alpine Stone to display its lustrous quality in the details of the cast stone, accentuates the extremely detailed surface of the Festival Dragon.

Campania International Yoga Frog Fountain

Beveled Yoga Frog Fountain by Campania International 

Another fabulous piece from Campania International in Alpine Stone is the Beveled Yoga Frog Fountain. The Alpine Stone really helps to exhibit the glistening and polished look of the fountain. Showing off the lighter grey aspect of this patina the Alpine Stone defines the light visual texture of the cast stone.

 Campania International Directoire Bench

Directoire Bench by Campania International

For an outdoor piece in Alpine Stone that is effortlessly smooth with a serene lighter effect, consider Campania International’s Directoire Bench. This spectacular bench evokes the old world style of an English Partere Garden with a clean modern look. The Alpine Stone patina plays nicely with the Directoire Bench's form and design.

Campania International works tirelessly by hand to achieve the precise look of each pigment stained patina. This hands on multi-step approach to the staining process lends to each piece having its own unique look. Due to the variance in the natural composition of cast stone the application of the stains will vary and no two pieces are exactly alike. 

The patinas are intended to give each piece a natural look and are made with environmentally friendly materials. These stains are not intended to prevent the natural aging process over time. The overall result is an outdoor element that blends naturally with your landscape. All the Campania International pieces are photographed in a natural setting, allowing for examples in the range in the color variance. Campania International's well-practiced approach to their staining process results in a stunning high quality art piece for the landscape.

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