Gulf Coast Beach Side Inspiration

Discovering Special Magic on the Coast

There is a place along the Gulf Coast that has white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Unlike the more advertised beachside places, Fort Morgan has a special secluded magic for everyone. The area holds a rich history due to its unique geography, the peninsula stretches out from east to west, providing a protective barrier for Mobile Bay. The beach is on the south side and a bay on the north, giving the area a wonderful dynamic. The region is named for the old military fort located at the end of the beach. Fort Morgan once was used throughout the United States history up until its retirement in 1944. Now it offers a wonderful peaceful stop for migrating birds and butterflies. Most of the area is a wildlife refuge for a range of birds, small animals (Endangered Alabama Beach Mouse), fish, bugs, and plant life. True to its location there are lovely rolling dunes combined with pioneer Pine trees offering refuge to the hard woods of Oak, with and under story of soft grasses and Palmettos. This canopy of plant life is the safe harbor for a range of animals that live amongst the dunes

The beaches are home to a small population of locals and a thriving tourist population. Over the years hurricanes have blown through, beach homes renewed and a few new ones have been built. One element remains consistent, whatever mankind is doing here they are doing with a revertant respect for the environment. The area is clean and undisturbed unless the wind and rain blows and the waves move the sand.

It is in our nature to be drawn to water. The beach offers so much to soothe the spirit and restore the body. The sand and sea water set the mood for relaxing and creating space to unwind. Finding inspiration from the beach, here are some pieces that bring this chill mood into your home.

Large Girona Fountain by Campania International

The Large Girona Fountain offers a lovely bubbling sound that laps over into a large bowl. This popular fountain works well on patios, at entrances, any where you want to gather the family for some down time.

 Heron Statue by Campania International     Pelican Statue by Campania International
    Heron Statue by Campania                   Pelican Statue by Campania

These two fellas are the defining pieces of this inspired collection. They are the official fishing guides and welcoming committee of the Fort Morgan area.

       Shoreline Rocker by Breezesta in WeatherwoodShoreline Rocker by Breezesta in Seafoam

Naturally we all need a place to kick back with our beach side book or just take a nap. What better place then in the deep seated Shoreline Rocker by Breezesta. This collection comes in a range of beachy fun colors!

Boca Jar in Beachcomber by Campania International

Inspired by the deep blues that give way to the warm sands the Boca Jar by Campania International brings home the costal vibe. 


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