Getting Started with Tabletop Planters

A Simple Start to Tabletop Planters

Perfect for a centerpiece or detailed focal point, the Tabletop Planter offers a final touch to any outdoor design Characterized by low profile height and wide diameter or width, the Tabletop Planter can highlight a theme or a style and your favorite greenery or floral arrangement. In contrast to a cut-flower arrangement, the Tabletop Planter brings life to your decor. Being that they are small, they are generally easier to care for, with an understanding of what to plant in the planters.

  • Natural Light
When determining if your space is ideal for plant life, first look at the natural light in the space. In a covered outdoor area with filtered light, choose plants that like shade or part sun, even some indoor plants can thrive in the filtered light. Whereas, if you are placing the planter in an open area look for plants that like full sun. Observe if there are any large trees offering shade as well, a tree that is budding in the spring will offer shade in the summer and sun in the winter.
Campania International Calistoga Bowl

Every region is special and your local garden center will have the best selections for your area. The Calistoga Planter, filled with ferns and moss is perfect for a shaded, mild temperature, outside area. The soft greenery of this arrangement plays nicely with the modern style of this cast stone planter. The drainage whole in the bottom allows for the right amount of moisture to remain in the soil after watering.

Nyssa Planter by Campania International

The Nyssa Planter brimming with succulents is ideal for a sun porch, pool deck, or anywhere that gets full hot sun. Stained in the Verde Patina this planter's soft hue works well with the colors of the succulents. Cactus and Succulents grow best when the correct potting soil is used. This soil needs to be a specially formulated mix, as to not let the roots rot.

Using a soft organic potting soil in the Fish Out of Water Planter with nice vining foliage is a very low maintenance approach to the tabletop planter. This touch of character would look great placed on the shady ledge of a pond or underneath a pagoda.

For that pop of color, a seasonal annual in the classic English Weave Planter is a stunning approach to dressing up an outdoor accent table. Annual and perennial arrangements are by far the most fun to put together and the most popular. Select a few small annuals that need the same amount of light and water and arrange to hearts delight! Place the tallest growing plant in the center and then the lower or vining plants near the edge. If you need to make an impact plant the planter full for an event or just a few days, but plant to re-plant a few of the plants in another or area as they get bigger. For a more permeant option give your flowers a bit of room to grow when planting.


Watering is one technique that varies from region to region and plant to plant. Regardless of where you live watering your plants does have a few universal truths. 

  • Plants have to have water to survive, even succulents to some degree. 
  • Outdoor plants will be impacted by weather changes and show their seasonality. Some days you will need to water less and some more.
  • There will be times you have over watered or under watered. 
  • Choosing the good potting soil and dressing up the planter with moss or mulch will help you with how much water is needed.

The best habit to have when selecting your plants for your tabletop planter is to read the tags in the pots at the garden center. Online research is always a good idea as well, when you are starting out. Then there are always the staff members at the garden centers, they know their plants and love to talk to you about yours. You learn a lot through hands-on experience and garden centers are hubs for fellow plant lovers. Naturally, if you are stuck between choosing a fern over a succulent you can always ask us! 

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