Garden Tour: New Orleans Garden District

New Orleans Garden District 

New Orleans has some of the most beautiful gardens nestled along the streets in Garden District in New Orleans.  Many of these homes have been here for over one hundred years and they are the history that lives New Orleans. 

The Garden District dates back to 1832 and was created after the Louisiana Purchase as a settlement for new American resident not wanting to live in the French Quarter.  These homes were built with magnificent gardens on large plots of land.  This resulted in some of the most beautiful gardens creating a perfect picture. 

Today, I climbed aboard the New Orleans street car along Carrolton and Oak street. I was headed to the Garden District which is a 15-minute ride from my home.  I got off the street car at Jackson Avenue and heading down First Street to Prytania Street heading west.  I came across some beautiful gardens filled with lush green foliage.  

I made this video about my journey and hope you like it. You can find it on Youtube along with other videos I have made about gardening, cooking, and New Orleans. 


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