Garden Fountains of New Orleans: From Witchcraft to Weddings

Witchcraft to Weddings 

This past Sunday, I was looking for inspiration for a new garden design that was going to have a large garden fountain as the focal point.  I decided to look for inspiring garden fountains around the city of New Orleans, and I headed to City Park. 

I walked into the Popp's Fountain located on the west side of City Park just off of Marconi Boulevard.  I have tried over the years to remember that you can only enter the fountain in Sundays between 9a-5pm.  It is amazing.  Massive amounts of water shooting into the sky creating this mesmerizing sound.  I could have spent the day just sitting and watching.   The Popp Fountain at City Park in New Orleans has some interesting history. Built in 1937 and used for magical ceremonies by Mary Oneida Toups of The Religious Order of Witchcraft.

My goal today was to find inspiration for a client for their project in Florida.  I decided to use the Campania International Estate Longvue Fountain.  It is replacing an existing fountain that has an issue with paint falling off the fountain.  They have chosen a cast stone fountain because of the acid patina as well as the durability of the stone.   

The garden will have four pathways that meet in the middle where the Lougvue Fountain will be placed. The garden will be farmed with wintergreen boxwood and the pathways will be compacted pea gravel.  The interior plantings will be used for seasonal perennials and color to create a showplace.  In addition to the fountain, we will be using several other pieces of cast stone garden decor such as garden benches and urns.  

From Witchcraft to Weddings.... from The Garden Gates on Vimeo.

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