Garden Fountains add Serenity to the Landscape

Made of cast and unique stones, fountains are more than often a perfect way of adding status and serenity to your landscape. In most cases, fountains are associated with town centers, hotels, business courtyards and large backyards. However, this trend is steadfastly changing as many homeowners have now realized the essence of serenity that magnificently done fountains bring to a landscape.

There is no denying that fountains are a vast addition to a private landscape. Having a nicely made private water flushing up and down the fountains will not only add appeal to the landscape but also bring a soothing feeling to the landscape, as well as add value to the property. This article looks at some of the best fountains that you can consider for your landscape. From fountains made from fiberglass, cast stone, stainless steel to ceramic and copper, here are some premier garden fountains that are professionally and exquisitely manufactured with your garden in mind.

There are wide selections of garden fountains that are of high quality and can add appeal to your outdoor lifestyle. These fountains are designed to enhance enjoyment in a garden and are perfect for their low maintenance.

Beaufort Fountain

This is a great fountain that can be manufactured in a span of four to six weeks. This is a strong centerpiece that can perfectly suit a garden or a courtyard. Beaufort Fountain is a three-tiered fountain that has a pineapple finial top that enables water to bubble from the top and flow down on the three brilliantly manufactured basins. This is a sleek fountain with a classic design that brings elegance and class to any landscape.

Beauvais Fountain 

Beauvais Fountain is a detailed design that has floral finishes that are sure to create a captivating focal point. The chalice-shaped finial enables water to gush out from the sides in a pedestal manner into the large basin. This is a fountain that is made of a unique cast stone by the Campania International that will age in a natural manner while adding a beautiful classic feeling to your landscape.

Caterina Fountain in Basin 

There is probably no any other fountain that makes a bold and powerful statement as the Caterina Fountain in Basin. The water flowing from the top finial into the first tier before cascading over to the large basin below can add a wonderful experience to any garden, yard or patio. This is a fountain made of fiberglass basin that gives it a superb clarity that can create a magnificent view in any landscape. 

Bali Frog Fountain 

Bali Frog Fountain is one of the most exotic garden fountains you will ever find around. This is a fountain that is based on a stone-sculpted frog sitting on an elevated platform and letting water out quietly from its mouth down to the basin. This is an aquatic marvel that can fit in any garden with nicely placed aquatic plants inside the lower basin.

Borghese Fountain 

This is one of the best garden fountains that leave a quiet impression within a landscape. It is short in stature and brings an archetypal Borghese basin that holds the gentle flow of water. Apart from being a great piece of art, a Borghese Fountain can be suitable for an understated garden that is quiet and soothing in every way. 

Carrera Oval Fountain

Carrera Oval Fountain is a magnificent way to bring life and moving water into your garden or backyard. It is a three-tiered fountain with three bowl-shaped tiers that gives it a tranquil feel that is not only inviting but also captivating. This is a fountain that exists in a host of colors that can perfectly gel with various gardens, patios, and backyards.

Austin Fountain

Austin Fountain is a superb garden fountain that looks great in smaller outdoor spaces and patio settings. It is made from cast stone and has a bowl-shaped basin that let water gush from both sides down to a rectangular basin just below the bowl shape. This is a fountain that has copper extensions by which water passes through; thus flawlessly creating some distance between the water and the bowl.

To this end, it is worth noting that the garden mentioned above fountains are just but some of the amazing fountains that you can choose for your landscape. Other fountains that you can consider include; Fleur De Lis Element, Flores Pedestal, and Jensen Fountain. These are fountains manufactured by the internationally recognized Campania International and are stocked by The Garden Gates., which is a landscaping company that is widely known for its landscape designing, installation, and maintenance.

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