10,000 Things You Need to know Before Buying a Garden Fountain

10,000 Things You Need to Know  Before Buying a Garden Fountain

Ok well maybe 10,000 things to know before buying a garden fountain is a bit of a tale, but we want to make sure you think about everything before buying a fountain. We have made a list of things we feel is important in the deciding process of building a fountain.  Material is a key to longevity as well as the manufacturer.  

Materials Used to Make Fountains

Cast Stone:  Cast Stone Fountains can be designed and molded into any shape.  Typically, fountains made from cast stone are created from molds. These molds are used to reproduce the original fountain design over and over again.   Cast stone is a mixture of materials and coloring to resemble natural stone.  
cast stone fountains

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is used to mold and construct fountains for the lightweight properties.  Once the fountain is removed from the mold, a variety of finishes can be applied to resemble faux lead, copper bronze, and antique aged stone.  Fiberglass fountains come in wall fountains, pedestal fountains, and stand-alone fountains.  

Ceramic: Ceramic fountains are also known as pot fountains and are easily spotted because they are glazed.  Ceramic fountains are fired at more than 1000 degrees centigrade and can be used on patios, landscapes, or on a terrace.  Almost all ceramic fountains are 100% self-contained unless they are installed in a pool like installation.
ceramic fountains

Fountain Manufacturers

One of the most important parts of selecting a garden fountain is the brand you are buying. A fountain manufacturer will provide the warranty and also expertise if a problem arises. Campania International is the nation's number one manufacturer for fountains, pottery, statuary, and outdoor decor.  Henri Studios is another leading fountain manufacturer in the United States.  These two cast stone outdoor decor builders represent the largest number of outdoor fountains on the market today.  

campania international fountain manufacturer  

Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps provide the necessary movement of water using a submersible pump to propel the water into a tubing system that either fills or overflows the fountain basins and bowls. The importance of a correctly sized pump is critical for the fountain to perform as designed. We recommend little giant fountain pumps and mag drive fountain pumps.

Garden Fountain Pumps

Fountain Delivery

Fountains are heavy and heavy things require the right type of delivery service. Many fountains are sold online with delivery to residential homes and offices, a lot of online retailers offer free delivery. When buying a fountain or heavy item, there is a very important part of the free you need to know about. Does free include liftgate service? This is often the difference in pricing between online retailers, removing the liftgate service can reduce a product's price by as much as $150.00. TheGardenGates.com delivery service included curbside liftgate service for free.

 Fountain Assembly

All fountains require assembly of some kind, even if its just attaching the pump and turning it on. Most fountain manufacturers provide detailed instructions that are included in the shipping box. Some of these instructions are better than others. Most of the fountains are visually self-explanatory. You can look at the parts and see what goes where this is not an Ikea assembly death march.
Fountain Assembly Instructions

Fountain Maintenance

Let's be clear; fountains need maintenance and without consistent maintenance, fountains look like crap.
  • Do not let your fountain run out of water 
  • Do not let debris build up in the fountain 
  • Do not run your fountain 24 hours a day. 
  • If you have algae - use a tablespoon of bleach to clear it up 
  • Consider using a bio cleaning solution for clear water

Winter Care
Garden fountains need winterizing to protect the fountain from harsh conditions during the winter months. In the colder Nothern region of the United States, it will be necessary to drain, and cover your fountain. We recommend using a fountain cover designed to allow moisture out and will not allow the moisture to penetrate the cover.  

Fountain Placement 

Take into consideration that selecting a fountain for your home, office or landscape needs to have a place.  Finding the right placement of any large garden feature into the landscape should take careful consideration and guidance from professionals. Who is qualified to provide fountain placement advice, the simple answer - Landscape Architect. The more complicated answer is a trained landscape professional that maintains the necessary licensing by the Agricultural department in your state.  Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to help find the right location for your fountain. 

  • Water Source- you don't need it but for ongoing maintenance and care it is needed. 
  • Electrical Source- do you need to install an outdoor outlet with a protective cover?
  • Accessibility for installation. How much space will you or your contractor have to install the fountain? 
  • Enviroment- is the space protected from winds or other environmental issues that will alter the fountain selection?

There are 10,000 things you need to know before buying a garden fountain but these seven topics offer the best advice you will need before making a final decision.  The other 9,993 things are all in your head.


Learn more about Garden Fountains here or call 877-780-6699 to more information.  


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