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Campania Garden Benches

 The Garden Gates’ carries the best in outdoor benches and patio benches. Cast stone garden benches made by Campania International come in a number of styles and beautiful finishes and patinas to add seating to any garden, lawn, yard or outdoor area. From curved stone garden benches to traditional patio benches, The Garden Gates’ selection of outdoor benches from Campania International has something for all styles of outdoor decorations.

Campania International uses cast stone to produce all of their outdoor benches and patio benches. Cast stone is an old-world building material that dates back to castle making and is used in modern day bridge building and skyscrapers. Cast stone gives stone garden benches the look of cut stone but is much easier to work with and stain a desired color. Cast stone allows stone garden benches to have an aged look or weathered appearance without the time necessary to make the look happen. Patio benches made of cast stone will age naturally once in their intended location and will withstand the elements and test of time nicely.

The Garden Gates’ stone garden benches come in a number of styles to create the outdoor space of your dreams. From Eastern-inspired simple designs to rich detailed looks, The Garden Gates has everything to create a relaxing zen garden or an English-style romantic yard. Patio benches come in both straight and curved styles to fit a special space, create seating around a stone table or just add interesting lines to an area.

Outdoor benches also come in nature motifs, such as branches, woodland ferns, and owls. More traditional styles of stone garden benches feature fleur de lis, claw feet, or column-like bases for incorporating into well-styled outdoor spaces. The Garden Gates’ selection of outdoor benches from Campania International are wonderful for homes and gardens, offices and public spaces such as parks, libraries or universities. With all of the patinas and finishes from Campania International, there is a look for everyone and every place.

The Garden Gates’ patio benches and stone garden benches are the perfect accent to lawns, gardens and special outdoor areas. Cast stone garden benches are sturdy and durable, and outdoor benches are a timeless accessory for outdoor decor. From sleek, modern stone garden benches to simple, classic outdoor benches, The Garden Gates’ selection of patio benches from Campania International is a wonderful line of stone garden benches. The Garden Gates’ team of designers and architects is available 7 days a week to assist with garden bench color and style selection.  

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