Easy Decorations with Fall Container Gardens

The Joy of Container Gardening: 4 Tips to Get Started

The days are slowly going to get shorter and the temperatures will soon be inching the way down, as the month of August moves into Fall. We are going to start to see small signs of the season changing. Whether you are one to toss up that fall wreath and pull out the pumpkin spice or just barely sneak into Fall by going from sandals to sneakers, one thing that it's time to think about is adding a fresh touch of container plants and arrangements to carry you through the winter months.


Garden how you live
Garden how you live. If you try to grow plants and they don’t fit with your lifestyle then you will fail and give up this great joy. Select plants that work for you, are not big on watering, get succulents or self-watering planters, not a lot of light, get shade plants, and so on! There are so many options out there for the joyful practice of container gardening. 




To get started, here our top tips for beginners:

  1. Study your space, inside or out. Look at what kind of light you get, wind exposure, and watering needs. Naturally, an outdoor planter in the full all-day sun is going to need lots of regular watering and care, when it comes to exposure to the elements. Versus an indoor plant arrangement that would need less attention and watering, but could be tricky until it found the right spot of light.
  2. Create a family of plants. Like-minded plants grow well together. Sun-loving plants and shade-loving plants will not do well in the same container. Plants that require more water may struggle with those that do not and so on. It is always the best practice to read plant labels to be sure that they are all going to get along in the same container. 
  3. Setting up the design. Look at your space, and lay out the what, where, and how of all your containers. There are endless options and every space is different. 
  4. Finally, how are you going to start? Start simple, overwhelming the project is easy to do. Plants have a way of growing into your world. Start with one and the next thing you know you will be on to the next container! This is such a rewarding practice that will grow with you. Container gardening allows you to make mistakes, problem solve, and care for plants with simple needs.
  • Select the right containers.
  • Get the good soil.
  • Buy your family of plants.
  • Get your hands dirty!
  • Add a top dressing like mulch or moss.
  • Water after they have all been planted.

Adding container gardens to your Fall decor is a fabulous way to have accents and decorations that can carry you through the holiday season. A few simple indoor plants around the house or some beautiful fall color in planters by the door will give you a home that is welcoming, joyful, and, charming! 

For those indoor areas and gardeners with a busy lifestyle, the self-watering planter is the best option. These planters have an internal reservoir that prevents you from over watering and not having to water as often.
Nantucket Tall Planter by Mayne
Large containers are great for larger plants and for areas that need a design impact. The Volcanic Red Riva Planter by Campania International is a stunning fall color.
Campania International Riva Planter in Volcanic Red
Tabletop containers work well on the outdoor end tables and as center pieces. The low profile Celine Planter in cast stone can be stained in any of the Campania International Patinas to suite your decor!
Celine Tabletop Planter by Campania International

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