Dirty Little Secret About Potting Soil

How Dirty Is Your Potting Soil 

There is a huge misconception about the potting material we use for planting, growing, and repotting- not all soil is created equal.  Most likely as the weather begins to warm and the sunsets later in the day, the Miracle-Gro commercials start to roll. Our favorite Home Depot and Lowes home centers will be exploiting the high quality of the potting sold for sale for $8.99- $13.99  for a huge bag of garbage.  

Many of the products sold at the mass merchant's are nothing but colorful bags of Marketing budget.  When you take a bag of Miracle Gro potting soil and open the bag, you will find a mulch like material and several people have reported debris, poison ivy, cigarette butts, and other junk found in the bads.  Using the product for seasonal color, herbs, or flowering baskets produces poor results.  Other potting soils sold at low prices at these same stores are full of some organic material but with closer investigation, it is nothing more than looks like ground up 2"x4" and other waste.   

As this blog about potting soil is promotional about the sell Metro Mix Potting Soil. When we owned production greenhouses, we grew hundreds of thousands of annuals, perennials, and herbs using Metro Mix potting soil with exceptional results.  Today, NYU, FSU, and several other universities purchase Metro Mix 360 potting soil from TheGardenGates.com. 







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