Del Rey Fountain

Modern Meet Up: Del Rey Fountain

The Del Rey Fountain was released this week by Campania International, and everyone is talking about the Del Rey Fountain.  Jesse Edmondson, Landscape Architect, based in New Orleans, says, " This is the perfect addition to Campania's Modern Fountain Collection, clean lines, beautiful sounds, and comes in 12 finishes.  My clients are going to go nuts!"  

Campania International Del Rey Fountain

Del Rey Fountain

Del Rey Fountain Details 

The Del Rey Fountain is forty-eight inches in diameter and stands twenty-six inches tall.  Water is recirculated from the lower basin to the upper basin with a water fountain pump that is installed in the lower basin. The water is pumped to the upper basin, the water cascades spilling over the edges through one of four copper spouts making a smooth sound. 

  • Made in the USA from premium cast stone concrete.
  • Twelve finishes available - Shown in Alpine Stone (AS)
  • Measures 48 inches in diameter, 26 inches tall. Total weight is 578 pounds
  • Includes UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed. Water recirculates within the fountain.
  • The black, six-foot cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet.
  • Cast stone and concrete construction
  • Pump included and installation instructions
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • No additional water source.
  • No plumbing needed
  • Pump recirculates water
  • Ships via LTL Freight Carrier for free standard curbside delivery
  • Recommended Fountain Cover - Medium

The Del Rey Fountain does not require a specialized installer, but it is important to install this water feature perfect flat. If the installation of the fountain is not level, the water will sound different on each side of the fountain.  

Tips To Install A Fountain Level 

  • Remove all debris in the area for placement 
  • Level and compact a three-foot diameter area using coarse gravel 2 inches thick 
  • Saturate the area before installation to check for unlevel ground- make corrections

Following the above steps to ensure a level fountain installation will make all the difference in the long term performance of the water feature.  If you are looking for the latest in outdoor garden fountains for the patio, courtyard or poolside, consider purchasing the Campania International Del Rey Fountain online with free shipping. 


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