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8 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring 2019

Spring is just around the corner, and thankfully this past Groundhog’s Day, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow – spring is coming early this year! That means now is the perfect time to get ready for your outdoor décor, collecting all of the items you need to really liven up your outdoor living space. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside, breathing in the fresh air, sipping on a lemonade, and reading a book while the sun sets in the distance. That kind of tranquility just can’t be attained inside.

That’s why we’re ready to provide you with your patio décor spring 2019 guide. Where should you begin? What should you buy?

Here are our picks as your engage in decorating your outdoors this year. It’s time to get started.

8 Ways to Get Your Outdoors Ready for Spring

  1. Mix-and-Match Seating:

If you’re tired of the same pieces of outdoor furniture every single year, made from the same hues, it’s time to consider mixing things up a bit. You don’t need to settle for the same 4 chaises. Instead, consider club chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, sofas, and even sectionals. You can treat your patio just like you treat your living room and really add some depth and versatility to the outdoor arrangement.

Even consider mixing up the colors. It’s an easy way to really enhance your living space while giving it a classy, almost exotic presence. Plus, with different mix-and-match seating, you can store certain pieces at a time depending upon the size of your party or gathering. The sky is the limit. Have fun really mixing things up until you are satisfied. 

  1. Space Saving Tables:

If you’re working with a smaller patio space, but you still want to welcome in people every single week, then consider getting crafty with the size of your table pieces. Instead of the large dining tables, you can consider coffee and end tables that are easier to move around depending upon the amount of people you have over. Overcrowding your patio can actually cause it to appear smaller than it truly is, which is why you want to get crafty with your layout.

Consider buying a few different smaller table pieces, or even a bar trolley that you can push around on wheels. Entertainment items can be easily stored by day if you have children over and don’t want to promote a party or alcohol-based environment.

  1. Vibrant Rugs:

No, rugs aren’t just reserved for indoor living spaces – outdoor rugs are just as eye-catching and essential to the presentation of your patio. Made for the outdoors, these durable rugs are able to withstand different weather patterns and rain, while still adding an element of color and expression to your entire layout. It’s a great way to add a color that will pop, like a blue or a red, mixed with your monotone colored outdoor furniture.
Plus, they are easy to mix and match as you see fit, bringing one or two different rugs out at a time while you store the remaining selections. Luckily, we carry everything from monotone outdoor rugs, to framed designs, patterns, and mosaic designs that will really make your outdoor décor look special.

  1. Outdoor Hammocks:

Hammocks are a genius way to add more seating to your outdoor space if you don’t necessarily have the space. With 2 or 3 hammocks strung on or off the patio, that provides seating for 3 to 6 more people if you don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to keep them happy.

Not to mention, since we live in the world of Instagram, hammocks are a quintessential Americana staple in any backyard, making it instantly picture-worthy for any bystanders. And not for nothing, simply getting a hammock for yourself is a smart investment as you kick back to take a restful summer afternoon nap after laying on the porch.

  1. Stepping Stones to Secret Enclaves:

Going off of our Instagram mention above, consider adding little enclaves and additional areas of respite in your backyard. Not everything needs to happen on the patio; what about the shaded spot that’s surrounded by trees and bushes off the end of your property? You can add string lights, a few pieces of outdoor furniture, and hammocks in this additional resting spot to really maximize your property.

In order to ensure you are able to safely get there without stepping on any wasps (it’s painful, trust me), stepping stones are a great way to make your backyard accessible with shoes off. It will encourage everyone to take a load off and really feel relaxed while they travel to your “secret garden” off yonder.

  1. Wall Fountains:

If you really want to wow your guests and acquire some new décor that is subtle, yet pronounced in nature, consider a wall fountain for your backyard. Wall fountains are an ideal solution for individuals that don’t have the space for a massive fountain, or who don’t want the appearance of a massive stone fountain in their backyard. This way, you can still enjoy the sound of lapping water in the distance while you go on with your activities.

Wall fountains are also an excellent “hidden” décor item you can hide around your property, especially if you plan to create a secret enclave that is set back in the distance from your main entertainment center. There is something to be said for the subtle nature of these décor staples.

  1. Planted Liveliness:

Plants are all the rage right now. As may news outlets have reported, millennials aren’t having kids or buying homes, they’re buying plants: Perhaps due to the photographable nature, or simply because it’s a generation that cares more about the vitality of the environment than past generations, having plants scattered around your outdoor property is a trendy decision today.

Therefore, you should be considering all of the different planter options available to you so you can keep your plants tidy and presentable. From modular planters that are rounded and moveable in nature, to permanent cast stone planters that are a beautiful accent to any garden, planters ensure your plants stay a reasonable size while you go on with your days. Plants can be a lot of work, which is why you want to start off the planted process with planters that are going to contain their natural inclination to grow. Not to mention, our planters are a classic, colorful, and elegant addition to any kind of outdoor arrangement.

  1. Entryway Elegance:

Lastly, if you’re going to put all of this effort into decorating the outdoors at your home, you might as well put effort into the very entryway that connects your patio to your home. This is going to be the key portal that your guests use to get from one place to the next, which is why you want to ensure the décor and color coordination around the entrance is where you want it to be.

Less is always more, which is why it’s worth considering one or two end or coffee tables at either side of the entryway, propping up a drink or a singular plant. Hanging window planters on the windows to the sides of the entry way is a great way to add some color to what can otherwise be a pretty mundane part of the house.

In order to ensure guests are able to wipe their feet, an outdoor rug is also a great addition to the entryway back into your house. However, don’t feel like this décor needs to be boring! Get bold with colors between your flowers and your rug, trying out some crazy combinations like yellow, purple, and gold, or white, red, and purple. It’s a really fun way to test the boundaries of your décor abilities. 

Decorating Your Way into Spring 2019

Right now is a great time of year to take an inventory on the outdoor furniture and accessories you own, and what you would like to add to the collection. Maybe you want some more color, or texture versatility; maybe you want to expand the layout of your outdoor entertainment center. Whatever your decision, consider investing in the presentation and warmth of your outdoors.

Here at the Garden Gates, we take pride in providing you with a massive selection of outdoor essentials that will transform any place into secluded paradise. Here are our 8 tips for helping you get ready to create the go-to outdoor patio space in your neighborhood. It starts today.

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