Closerie Wall Fountain

Just In: Closerie Wall Fountain

The Closerie Wall Fountain by Campania International is a new addition to the wall fountain collection. The Closerie is made from cast stone in Pennsylvania at the Campania manufacturing facility in the small town of Pennsburg.  

Campania Internationals team of artisan are the master behind their extensive works of art.  Peter Cilino is the creative director and leads these extremely talented sculptors to push the boundaries and improve upon the outdoor garden decor offerings. 

Closerie Wall Fountain Shown in Aged Limestone 

Closerie Fountain

Closerie Wall Fountain Details: 

  • Made in the USA from premium cast stone concrete.
  • Twelve finishes available - Shown in Aged Limestone (AL)
  • Measures 25.5 inches in wide, 17.5 inches in depth, 40.5 inches tall. Total weight is 284 pounds.
  • Includes UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed. Water recirculates within the fountain.
  • The black, six-foot cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet.
  • Cast stone and concrete construction
  • Pump included and installation instructions
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • No additional water source.
  • No plumbing needed
  • Pump recirculates water
  • Ships via LTL Freight Carrier for free standard curbside delivery
  • Recommended Fountain Cover - Medium

What exactly is cast stone and how is the Closerie Fountain made?  

Cast stone is concrete masonry product that allows a sculptor or artisan to create natural looking stone in architectural applications.  This wall fountain is constructed using cement, sand, and crushed stone with a mold to create the finished product.  Each of the wall fountains has a mold created using the most advanced mold making skills today.  Each of the molds allows the team at Campania to control the quality of each piece made.  

How do they apply the patina or finish to the Closerie Fountain?

The Closerie fountain comes in twelve finishes that are applied in a multi step process by hand.  This process creates the most natural looking finish that can he replicate onto cast stone mirroring an antique looked.  The Closerie Wall Fountain is finished in the Aged Limestone Patina ( known as AL ).   These patinas are similar to stains you would use to finish a table or chair.  During the application process, the more detail the wall fountain, the more varying degrees of intensity are created when the patina is applied.  

Where is a good location for these types of Wall Fountains? 

Wall fountains typically are sold in two styles, ones that mount on wall and ones that are placed on the ground up against a wall. The Closerie Wall Fountain is placed on the ground against a wall.  This fountain needs three-foot by two-foot to allow enough room for placement.  In addition to the space required, an outdoor electrical outlet is needed to operate the fountain pump.  

Best Placement: 

  • Patio Area 
  • Covered Entry 
  • Pool Patio Focal Point 
  • Herb Garden 
  • Small Rooftop Landscapes 

How do I care for my wall fountain? 

Make no mistake, a wall fountain is not maintenance free by any means.  Wall fountains need to be monitored on a weekly basis for debris and water evaporation.  Typically, leaves fall from trees or landscape plants that can cause a fountain pump to become clogged resulting in damage.  Other than debris, loss of water will completely ruin a fountain pump. 

  • Monitor leaves and debris weekly 
  • Add water once per week or install autofill device 
  • Use water purifier to keep water clean 

 How difficult is this fountain to install? 

Installing a fountain is not difficult at all.  There is no need to hire a plumber, electrician, or a specialist to handle the installation.  The biggest issue that will be encountered with this fountain is how to handle the 284 pounds.  Here is what we recommend. 

  • Purchase a Durable Hand Cart 
  • Use Packing Materials on cart with moving 
  • Use Tie Strap/Rope to secure fountain to cart 
  • Do Not Rush - It is Heavy 
  • Make a Clear Path to the Installation Location 
  • This Fountain Needs 3 people to install 
  • Install the pump, compression fitting and pull the electric chord while on cart 
  • Read the instruction 

If you are installing this fountain on natural ground, make sure to compact the area to reduce any settling.  We recommend using gravel two to three inches thick to provide a solid base for the fountain.  

The Closerie Wall Fountain will make a great addition to any home, garden, rooftop, or landscape project.  




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