Cast Stone Planters


Creating and planting your own garden is a rewarding project. However, the designing and building process takes effort and time. Garden design is more than having a green thumb, it also takes having the right tools, equipment and materials to complete the garden you’ve always dreamt of having.

There are many garden accessories that you will need, outdoor garden planters are one of the basic items that you will need to start the project. Planters come in various sizes, shapes and materials. If you are after durability, make sure the planters you are selecting for you garden are cast stone planters.

This guide is designed to walk you through the entire process of buying cast stone planters, from the selection to installation. These great ideas and guide to planters can be used to adorn and beautify your outdoor space. Use this guide to educate yourself about planters, understand the best selection of cast stone planters on the market, and to help you complete your gardening project.

Learn basic benefits and uses of cast stone planters in beautifying your garden and understanding the best locations for garden planters. Immerse yourself in a journey that will not only make you more knowledgeable about the buying process but hopefully have you making the right choice for you home or office.

Using Outdoor Cast Stone Planters to Make Your Outdoor Area Beautiful

Garden planters are among the basic garden accessories you need in creating a unique and personal garden. As a garden accessory, planters are designed to provide a healthy environment for topiaries, flowering shrubs, ornamental trees, flowers, perennials, and vegetables. Using planters allows you to enhance focal areas that are on patios, pool areas, or covered walkways.

When it comes to purchasing garden planters, whether for outdoor or indoor use, there are several options, colors, styles, and sizes to purchase. One of the best options available on the market are cast stone planters.

Cast Stone Planter as a Garden Container

This type of planter offers limitless design choices because cast stone material is so easy to mold.  The best way to think about cast stone materials is this: if you can dream up the design or want to replicate a design, there is a simple but tedious process to create anything. This is why cast stone planters are so versatile and rewarding to own.

Purchasing Cast Stone Planters: To Beautify Your Outdoor Garden

Cast stone planters, from the name itself, are made from a concrete-based building material. The material is manufactured then molded in order to imitate natural-cut stone while also meeting the standard specifications set by the Cast Stone Institute. This is one of the many materials which garden containers, specifically planters, are made from. The material itself can be manufactured and made available in different colors and styles, from a classic urn to the most contemporary styles, like square planters.

A basic fact about this type of garden planter is the material is not only a good option for beautifying your garden. It also serves a good choice for driveway, curbside and entrance way uses. However, like any materials, this option also comes with some drawbacks. In this case, it is the material’s weight, but the good thing is that its weight does not always serve as a disadvantage. It generally depends on what you need.

For instance, it works great if you want to grow trees or large plants that call for stability. Planters made from this material are deep-walled and heavy, making it possible for the container to provide the required stability. Being deep-walled makes it possible for the container to provide the needed all-weather root protection required by the plant or tree.  Such a feature is beneficial particularly during cold weathers.

Although cast stone offers the same appearance as cut stone does, the two still have some distinctions. For one, cast stone is easier to be molded in various or desired shapes. The material can also be stained to add more beauty as an outdoor garden décor.

When You Purchase Cast Stone Planters, You Will Be Able to Enjoy and Benefit from the Following

Cast stone planters can now be found and purchased easily at online stores. If you are looking for the best place where you can find a huge and finest selection of these products, you may consider browsing through the offered collection by The Garden Gates.

The online stores selling cast stone products, like planters, offer only those items that are produced with the highest quality standards. All products offered at the store are also from the top manufacturers of cast stone items in the world, like Campania. Purchasing at the store gives you an assurance that you will obtain only the finest products from their collection.

Apart from being able to purchase cast stone planters manufactured with the highest quality standards, choosing containers made from this material also makes a great option in beatifying your garden area because:

This Material Offers Low Thermal Conductivity

The advantage of low thermal conductivity provides a cooler root zone that in turn gives the plant a healthier growing environment. These characteristics are vital to grow flowering plants and shrubs, such as roses.

Highest Compressive & Tensile Strength

This characteristic is helpful since it helps in preventing the material from cracking due to either the root growth or freeze-thaw.

Color Standards

Choosing this material for your garden planters allows you to choose from colors that not only reflect elegance, but also the ones that will last for a long period of time.

Low Air Entrapment

It is a planter characteristic that prevents deformities, such as cracks, from occurring on the item. Cracks and other similar deformities typically develop due to being produced with low quality standards, which is true to planters made from substandard materials.


You may find the weight of planters made from cast stone material a disadvantage due to its heaviness. This same characteristic can also prove to be useful in certain instances. Its weight strongly deters the possibility of theft.

Some Tips to Consider when Purchasing Cast Stone Plasters to Beautify Your Outdoor Garden

Did you know that most emperors during the Twelfth Century preferred this material for use in improving their palaces landscapes? Cast stone has been used throughout history in the building of bridges, cathedrals and palaces because of its quality and durability. Buying planters made from cast stone not only enables you to enjoy the benefits mentioned above but also puts you in an elite group. Planters made from this material are also the simplest and easiest means you can use to transform your garden into something more special.

What to Consider When Buying and Using Outdoor Cast Stone Planters

Planters made from cast stone help create your own personality in the garden, regardless of whether your home is small or large.  As containers, cast stone planters are very decorative. Most of all, they can be purchased in a large variety of shapes and sizes. But before you can start choosing the best outdoor cast stone planters suitable to your garden based on the size and shape, here are the factors that you must keep in mind:

Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are several considerations you must keep in mind before going out and purchasing cast stone planters for your outdoor garden. The most important and basic of all is where you plan on placing the containers. Determining the answer to this is vital for to the next step, which is purchasing the proper size, style and shape of the planters.

Garden Size

Next to the location where you intend to place the planter, the next consideration you must keep in mind is the size of the garden. Remember that planters come in various sizes. Each size is ideal in certain garden spaces. For instance, large planters would look best in garden areas that are spacious.

Plant Selection and Size

At this point, having an a general idea of the plant material for your container does not need to be exact but you need to know size, shape and width in order to proceed to the next steps. Step one in selecting the right plants is frequency of watering.  Next you need to understand the mature size of the plant or plants you are selecting. Lastly and most importantly, is to select a planter that will give adequate space for root development.

Remember that the sizes of planters are typically in inches concerning height, width and diameter. It is important to understand that you need to have approximately 1.25 times the size in width and height of the overall container size of the plant, this makes a great plant to planter ratio.  


It is important to make sure that the cast stone planter to have a proper drainage passage since the plants will be planted in a closed container. The purpose of ensuring proper drainage in planters is to prevent the roots from rotting. Proper drainage can be ensured by simply drilling holes at the planter’s base if it does not have yet. In addition to a drain hole, it is recommended to add 1.5 inches of gravel at the bottom of the planter and cover with geo textile fabric before planting.  


Cast stone planters can be expensive. But the good thing about the money you pay is it offers a good investment for you that can last for a lifetime. That is one of the many things why planters are made from cast stone offers is durability. Clay and terracotta do offer a wonderful and natural looks to your outdoor garden. However, these materials do not hold up in freezing temperatures and rough weather. The same goes for brittle and thin plastic pots that will crack with the change in weather. These types of planters also easily break when knocked over. These materials also require to be brought inside during winter season. With cast stone, you never have to worry about these issues for this material can withstand harsh weather and will endure season after season.

How Much Time Can You Allocate?

Apart from those mentioned, it is also important to consider the amount of time you can allocate in your garden. If you do not have much time to spend, it is best to choose larger cast stone planters. Larger planters are capable of holding more water keeping the soil moist for a longer period of time. Therefore, it serves as a great choice if you will not have the time to water the garden regularly. But if you have enough time to spend every day for the watering chore, you can settle with smaller cast stone planters.

Your Budget

Cast stone planters come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles and with the material being expensive, there is a wide range of prices.  To ensure that you will allocate enough in your landscape budget, review all the option online to determine your costs.  

Preparing Your Garden for Planter Installation

After considering all of the factors and options mentioned, the next thing that you need to keep in mind is how to  prepare your garden for the planter installation. There are two things you need to do to prepare your garden for this. The first is to select the perfect location for the planters. If the planter is large, it is best to decide a permanent location for the planters.  The second preparation consideration is the surface. It is essential for these planters to be set on a solid-level surface. If you plan on placing the planters on the ground, make sure to firmly compact the ground or excavate the existing soil and install coarse gravel.  

Some planters can be installed on a cast stone pedestal but that is typically for a urn style planter.  The online store also offers a pair of cast stone planters and pedestals if you wish to acquire sets of it already.

Tips on Choosing the Best Outdoor Cast Stone Planters for Simple Gardening

Choosing a cast stone planter for your garden project or patio planting is an effective way to create a focal point.  However, you need to choose a planter first before you can begin to think about planting.  To choose the right planters for your garden, there are several things that you need to decide: the size, weight, color and the price of the items.

It is true that planters made from cast stone provide an adequate growing condition for most plants.  But more than that, purchasing the right sized planter will insure the plant grows to it potential.  The right planters can also easily give any outdoor space a finished look.  The selection process to get to these end-results are made easier by following these simple steps during your research process.  Using this cast stone planters guide will help you understand the buying process and what is available.

Buying the Right  Cast Stone Planter Size

The definition of the right  outdoor cast stone planters is determined by addressing the size of the plant being planted and the location of the planter. A simple rule to follow, the larger the plant, the larger the planter. Using larger planters during warmer months will limit plants from dehydration and require less water. Plus, the extra space always gives you the opportunity to plant cascading ivies and  flowers around the base of a tree of topiary.

If you are trying to determine the right size of planter for planting herbs and vegetables, use this simple formula.  

A 12 inch round planter can hold 4 herbs or vegetables and allow enough room for growth.  

  1. 12 inch planter - 4 plants
  2. 18 inch planter - 6-7 plants
  3. 24 inch planter - 8-12 plants

But, you can also choose smaller planters for cascading plants.  A great selection of cascading plants:

  1. English Ivy
  2. Ivy Geraniums
  3. Wave Petunias
  4. Alyssum

As a general rule, the planters you pick must be half as high as the plant’s height. The planter’s size must also be able to accommodate the plant’s roots once it becomes full grown or the plants will become root bound.  

Selecting the Best Weight

Cast stone is a material that is naturally heavy. Hence, it would be best to think ahead if you plan on moving the planters once the growing season arrives. Being heavy, it is only expected that you will have a hard time in lifting and moving the item, particularly when it is already filled with soil and has been watered. Although this characteristic may come as a disadvantage, it can still be beneficial especially if the plants are planting  tall. Tall plants need containers that are heavier to prevent the planters from tipping over due to high winds.  

Best Planters for Trees

Are you planning to plant trees in your new planters? If you are, you will need one that offers a sufficient amount of space for root growth. Regardless if you plan on transplanting the tree or prefer to grow smaller specimens, there is one rule you need to follow when selecting a planter.  The larger the canopy of the tree, the larger the planter.  See below:

  1. 4-6 ft tree -     Canopy 2 ft = 20 inch planter
  2. 6-8 ft tree -     Canopy 3 ft = 24 inch planter
  3. 8-10 ft tree -   Canopy 4 ft = 30 inch planter
  4. 10-12 ft tree - Canopy 6 ft = 36 inch planter

Selecting the Right Shape

Cast stone planters are offered in many different shapes and sizes.  Finding the right planter for your home or office is easily accomplished.  The first thing to consider is matching your existing architecture with a planter that has a similar look.  The next step is to measure the space and determine the size of the planter. For instance, urn or square planters work well with Colonial, formal or traditional style homes. Round planters are  a great choice for a causal or cottage style home.

Selecting the Right Color for Your Outdoor Garden Cast Stone Planters

Now that you are getting a better understanding of the planter size and use, let’s look at selecting the right color.  Choosing the right color will be the difference in only liking your planters or truly loving them.  Once a color is selected for the planter, it is applied to the cast stone using an acid patina.  

Below are the Patinas Available:

1st Row: Alpine Stone, Travertine, Greystone, Aged Limestone, English Moss, Copper Bronze

2nd Row: Terra Nerra, Brownstone, Ferro Rustico, Natural, Verde, Pietra Vecchia

Deciding which color is best for your space or narrowing down a few favorite colors for your planter comes down to personal preference most of the time.  Also, matching the colors to the surrounds of your existing landscape will be a factor in the color selection.  If your landscape is all earth tones, you will want to stay away from ferro rustico and terra nerra. On the other hand, if you have more of a  modern architecture, terra nerra is an ideal color.  In the end, the color selection will be a detail only you can decide.  

Now that we have taken a complete approach to selecting the right style of planter, its size and color, it is time to move to the right location.

Determining the Right Place for Your Outdoor Cast Stone Planters

The old saying, “the right plant for the right pot” has never been more true today.  Finding the right place for your outdoor planter is the final step to a successful purchase.  Outdoor cast stone planters can offer you the chance to include flowering shrubs, herbs, and perennials throughout your home or office.  

On the other hand, you must take into consideration that your plants also need the right light and moisture to thrive. If you are planting annuals that require full sun or shade, make sure the planters are located in the right sun requirements.  

Patio or Deck Area

Whether you’re looking to enhance the look of your deck or patio, there is a wide variety of planters that could help you transform this space.  Using a combination of planters with varying sizes of plant material will add depth and dimension to any deck or patio.  Combining height, in addition to planting trailing flowers and plants will be the difference between a drab or an amazing outdoor patio. A large patio or deck could benefit through the use of outdoor cast stone planters to divide the available space in smaller and more intimate sections.

Hanging Baskets

Cascading flowers that drape over the edges of hanging baskets, wall planters and hayracks make stunning displays.  Using hanging baskets to complement outdoor planters is an ideal solution to creating a harmonious container garden.  Having a colorful display cascading from the rooftop’s edge and using the cast stone planters to create garden beds like planting below.  Incorporating container planting of all shapes and sizes, will transform any ordinary deck, patio or poolside.   

Window Boxes

Another opportunity to enhance your outdoor space is with widow boxes.  Window boxes are designed to rest on a window ledge or to be secured just below the window.  These types of planters create mini gardens of colorful blooms that rise above the window pane.  Window boxes also provide a great opportunity to create herb gardens for condo and apartment living where patio space might be limited.


Consider placing outdoor cast stone planters in the garden to create varying level of height as well as introducing a non traditional texture.  Consider planting more temperamental plants like lavender or herbs in planters to help control moisture.  There are several types of plants that have lower requirements for water in comparison to others. Being able to separate these plants for one another can be achieved with the use of cast stone planters.   They are simply incorporated into the landscape with a practical as well as a visual use.  

Front Porch

Greet your guests with a stunning combination of topiaries perfectly trimmed and planted in cast stone planters as they enter your home.  It is important to select the right size of planters for these areas.  A good rule of thumb is shown below:

  1. 7.5 ft. Door Height = 16 inch planter
  2. 8 ft. Door Height = 18 inch planter
  3. 8.5 ft. Door Height = 22 inch planter
  4. 9 ft. Door Height = 26 inch planter
  5. 9.5 ft. Door Height = 30 inch planter

* the height is without plants installed

What if You have a Smaller Space?

Gardening in terms of small spaces has become a major trend, and using troughs, low bowls and dish planters can add character and style to any home.  Small spaces don’t need tons of planters; they need a few groups of different sizes as well as shapes.  These planters can be filled with a simple selection of succulents for a low maintenance garden or filled with flowering annuals for seasonal color.  Either options you select, know that your small garden just became a lush mini garden.  

In addition to planters for a small space, you might want to accessories your garden with other cast stone products. Adding a few garden statues, wall plaques or finials will be the finishing touches to decorating your small space with your personal style and making it your own.  

Planters are among the most basic garden accessories that you can add in your small garden. They can hold either artificial or real plants, shrubs, or even flower. Vegetable and herb gardens could be planted and grown inside the containers as well. Planting in outdoor planters that are mostly made from cast stone is easy. They will surely add more beauty to your space, provided that you know where to put them.

Great Ideas for Using Outdoor Cast Stone Planters

A garden, just like any other space can be improved through the use of garden accessories and ornamental pieces. One great way to complement the features of a garden is to make use of a stone planter. It is a simple but an elegant addition that will offer a timeless appearance to any garden, regardless of how big or small it is.

A stone planter is the decorative container designed for growing ornamental plants or flowers and used for enhancing and decorating a garden. It comes in various shapes, materials, sizes and designs. You can make use of it in both outdoor and indoor spaces. On the other hand, it is commonly used in a garden. A stone planter is basically made from cast stone. It is a very versatile and durable material that is made from the combination of well coarse aggregates, mineral oxide color pigment, portland cement, water and additives to hold the material together. Cast stone is the one that can provide a natural stone appearance with no need for finishes.

The Beauty of a Cast Stone Planter

Cast stone is extremely strong as well, and it could endure the test of time. When you are looking for a good outdoor planter, you should choose one that is made of cast stone. A cast stone planter is available in any color and it can effectively provide the look of a surfeit of natural building stones that includes but is not restricted to granite, limestone, marble and slate. A cast stone planter comes in various designs and shapes to suit your garden. A stone planter could be tall, curved, short, square, wide or thin. The versatility of this material as well as the practicality possessed by a planter offers a limitless amount of probabilities for spaces.

Enhancing an Outdoor Space with a Cast Stone Planter

An outdoor cast stone planter is a lovely accessory that you can add to your home, outdoor garden or even inside the office. It is the easiest way to incorporate living plants into any environment. What’s good about it is that it is available in various styles and sizes so you could get one that will perfectly fit in any space. For instance, perhaps there is an empty corner on your deck that is unappealing or bare. This is a great opportunity to cluster a group of planters in a triangular pattern, with the largest planter in the back and the smaller planters on each side, just slightly offset. Try planting a large, flowering ornamental plant or topiary in the larger planter and then selecting cascading flowers or perennials for the 2 smaller planters.

If you have a large backyard with a patio and you want to create a privacy screen, large cast stone planters are ideal for this solution.  Using a large planter, install a privacy hedge or holly tree, and privacy can be easily achieved.  The only addition you will need to add for a successful planting would be irrigation.  Large planters can easily create screening or a division from one part of the garden from another without hiring a landscape crew to install a fence.  

As you could see, there are tons of outdoor cast stone planters that are offered for any project.  They come in square shapes, tapered vases, v-shaped, and some are designed to hang on the windowsill or deck rail. Since these are available in so many styles and shapes, you will be able to find the right one for your taste.  Whether it’s a formal planter for topiaries, a narrow /shallow planter for bonsai or a garden trough planter for flowering perennials, cast stone planters are the solution.

An option for finding all the planters in one place can only be done browsing the Internet.  As you can image, having all these planters in 12 finishes would be nearly impossible because of warehouse space or retail showroom space.  This is quick and you may find and get what you’re searching for in just a very short period of time. One thing that you should bear in mind when buying planters for your home are quality materials. While there are less expensive solutions compared to cast stone for any outdoor decor item, there is no substitution to quality.  Carefully research the materials for outdoor use and factor those findings when making your final decision.  Some better choices include sturdy woods with some man-made materials such as recycled plastic and resin. There are different good choices as well that include stone, granite, and marble.

More Tips on Using an Outdoor Cast Stone Planter to Beautify Your Space

When the outdoor space is actually an urban concrete jungle, using container plantings will provide greenery and style to your home.  To make a poolside or patio pretty, there is a solution for every application in every region of the country.  Here are more helpful tips to use a planter and bring it to your outdoor living space or porch area.

Versatility Any Period of the Year

For rural or suburban houses, the elegance of the planting areas and a yard within the ground is abundant. Most apartments, urban environment homes and condos might have shared external space, or window planter boxes. Depending on the space, you can use those planters to add color and greenery with some seasonal plants or foliage. When you live in a region that has a cooler climate, make sure to choose evergreen plant material that thrives all year long.  

Adding Some Curb Appeal

A planter is an exceptional way of adding curb appeal to walkways, driveways, and garage areas. Often, designers use larger heavy planters placing them permanently at entrance ways and patios as well as carports. Planters that are easily moved that are made from wood, plastic, clay or terra cotta are not the best solutions when looking for a permanent one. Lightweight planters are subject to theft, instability in high winds, and should be considered more of a temporary planter.  Depending on your regional location, the lighter weight planters are ideal for table tops, kitchen windows and front step planters.  

Non-traditional Planters

Finding the right container or bracket to address a vertical wall space or narrow staircase that just needs a touch or greenery often becomes a DIY project.  Problem solving planter solutions are sometimes discovered in the kitchen cabinets or your favorite empty bottle of water. Find the right space for the right plant: Succulents are extremely hearty and do not require a lot of water or maintenance, making these ideal plants for DIY planters. Those planters that are classified as non-traditional could also be containers that you have at home such as bottles, pails, metal tubs, or re-purposed home containers.  All you need is a little creativity for the perfect DIY project at your home.

Planters that Make a Statement

Consider using large urns or large containers designed for plant material such as palm trees, ornamental flowering trees or large trimmed topiaries.  These containers will make a statement, greet guests upon arrival, and provide a “runway” to the entry and structure of any deck, pool, or lanai as a focal point. Royal palms, flowering bougainvillea and sculpted wintergreen boxwood topiaries are visually interesting for front porch or grand entryways, and they are a perfect selection for any home.

Finding the Best Choice for You

Research, research, research - that is the best suggestion for anyone looking for planters and the greatest number of options. There are several different companies that sell a large collection of cast stone planters, and I recommend Campania International.  The best suggestion is to visit their websites where you can easily browse the best choices for you. All you need to do is to search for their websites and visit their collection of planters. 

Order Your Cast Stone Planters Today

Cast stone planters come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to complement any outdoor décor. Deciding on the right cast stone planters that meets your needs could be difficult, but there are some important criteria that you should use as a guide when selecting the best cast stone planter to buy:


Know what sizes and shapes of outdoor planters are available. There are companies that manufacture planters that come in sizes that range from 3 inches to 80 inches.  Planters come in traditional urn, round, box, rectangular, modular shapes, and cylinders. Make sure to look at all the options before purchasing.

Materials Used in Production

Outdoor planters are made from cast stone, which is a high-density combination that has gained popularity for its durability and strength. Cast stone is the sophisticated architectural concrete that looks like the natural cut stone. It can be stained using one of the 12 patinas available. Cast stone was commonly used in castle building and now is frequently used in the construction of cathedrals, bridges, & skyscrapers in the modern era.

How Will Cast Stone Planters Age?

A garden planter that is made from cast stone naturally ages over time because of its porous materials.  The finishes and stains available will provide each garden planter with a look that simulates the stately aging process, and fa patina finish will continue to form in time with nature’s assistance.

What Color Options are Available?

Companies that manufacture cast stone planters provide various stains and patinas for selecting the most suitable colors to suit your external decor.  It is best to know your choices first before you make a decision.

Is Cast Stone able to Withstand Cold Climates?

This material can survive and endure the elements, but some precautions must be taken when it comes to freezing weather. Just raise your planters off the land before a hard freeze with the help of pot risers or you can use some wood strips so the planter will not break and crack.

Do Outdoor Planters Come With Drainage Holes?

All planters that are made of cast stone are made with drainage holes.

What Forms of Plants Match with Cast Stone Planters?

Any plant could be planted in the cast stone planters. Plant annuals, topiaries or perennials in outdoor planters for an amazing look to change out seasonally or to keep a year around.

Do Outdoor Planters Have a Warranty Feature?

These planters are mostly offered in the market with a warranty for their workmanship.  Cast Stone planters’ warranties from the manufacture cover workmanship and quality but do not cover damages from weather conditions.  

How Long Before Cast Stone Planters Can Be Obtained?

Typically, it takes 12-15 business days before these planters can be delivered. Each planter has the finished applied to order, and it is necessary for the planter to be completely dry before packaging. Once the cast stone material is dry, your planters are ready for shipping via common freight carrier.  

These are the most important things to consider when it comes to ordering your outdoor cast stone planters online. Other things that you must take into account are as follows:

  • The type of area in which the planters would be used
  • How big is the space?
  • What is the style or color of the existing stone in your outdoor space? Examine the paved patios, bricks, walkways, fountains and any other elements.
  • What is the style of your current outdoor decor?
  • What kinds of plants do you wish to be planted in the planters?

These are all the most important things that you have to take into account when planning to buy a cast stone planter. To avoid regrets, it is better that you choose the planter made from a dependable company. Hopefully, you have learned some valuable information in this book. Start looking for the best cast stone planter for your garden today with confidence.

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