Campania Patinas & Finishes

Campania Patinas & Finishes 

Campania Patina Stains are blended to create old aged finishes using modern technology.

  • Campania Patinas come in 12 finishes and are UV stable. Each patina is designed to produce a similar look from weathering in the environment. 
  • Patinas create similar looks to cast stone that resemble oxidation of copper and bronze. This looks of a " tarnished appearance" can be reproduced on cast stone using a layering process. 
  • Campanias patinas are designed to allow the natural aging process to continue in each unique environment. 

Campania International cast stone offer eleven patinas designed with natural pigments for the best hand applied multi-step process.  The team of artisans developed a distinct technic giving each piece a beautiful finish. Campanias patinas are designed to allow the natural aging process to continue in each unique environment. 

Understand the impact of harsh materials on the environment, Campania has removed the acid stain component from Pietra Vecchia, Terra Nera, and Ferro Rustico.  Taking these steps made our manufacturing facility a safer, healthier workplace, and safer for our environment. Taking these measures required Campania to create three new finishes, Pietra Nuova, Nero Nouvo, and Ferro Rustico Nuovo using a water based pigment.  

Pietra Nuova, Nero Nuovo and Ferro Rustico Nuovo patinas by Campania

The application process of staining a wooden table is similar to staining cast stone.  There is a degree of color variation based on the amount applied, depth of detail, and how porous of a surface exists. No two pieces look alike due to the reaction of the material with the patinas leaving a broad variable range of tones.  These circumstances make each cast stone piece stunning beautiful.  


Natural Aging & Efflorescence

Campania outdoor garden decor made from cast stone naturally ages and transforms into a beautiful patina as the years pass. In the beginning, Campania patinas look aged by design.

These patinas have a chemical reaction once applied to the cast stone. This reaction is called efflorescence. Efflorescence is the process which the migration of calcium carbonate moves to the surface forming a coating. The French translation of efflorescence, " to flower out." Over time, raining winding condition promotes the efflorescence process leaving a chalky residue that washes away. The efflorescence process occurs only once.

In addition to the efflorescence process, iron oxidization occurs in some of the Campania birdbaths and fountains. By design, fountains, and birdbaths hold water in the basins. Over the course of time, there is a reaction from the iron that is in the birdbaths and fountains leaving a powdery pink/orange residue that will wash off. There is no internal iron rod or rebar, Campania engineered design does not require those supportive materials.

Weather, humidity, rainfall, and microenvironment condition will age cast stone differently. This process is natural and each piece will take on a patina that becomes adapted to the local environment. We recommend cleaning cast stone garden decor with an organic nonabrasive soap and soft bristled brush. If you preferred the look of the cast stone when it arrived, we recommend that you touch up the cast stone piece every two to three years.

Campania International Patina Finishes

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