Winter Care Guidelines

Garden Decor Winter Care Guidelines 

Campania Winter Care Guidelines

Cast Stone 

Cast stone garden decor by Campania International and Henri Studio is a high-density cast stone mix with a strength rating of 7500 psi( pounds per square inch).  The cast stone garden decor high-density mixture is 2.5 times stronger than a standard residential driveway.  Even though this attention to high quality and durability, it is important to maintain each piece. 

Cast Stone Winter Care Guide Lines 

  • Remove all water for birdbaths - cover 
  • Protect all parts with a cover that could hold water 
  • Install fountain covers - protect fountain pumps 
  • Make sure planters can not fill with ice/snow 
  • Lift benches, statues from ground 
  • Use pressure treated wood to lift planters or benches 
  • Install Campania pot risers to life planters and urns 
  • Birdbath tops store indoors 
  • Remove fountain pumps
  • Remove all fountain tubing/stoppers 
The goal is to eliminate the freeze to thaw cycle that happens during the winter months. Durning, the winter months, do not leave planters or urns empty, store in protected areas such as the garage, potting shed, or garden room. Freezing temperatures damage cast stone when water absorbs in the porous material resulting in a cycle of expansion and contraction. The result causes cast stone to develop cracks and ultimately breaking.  
Polyethylene Planters

These planters are made from recycled raw materials that can handle extreme temperature changes. Polyethylene planters resist the sun, do not fade, and rarely become brittle or crack over. These planters contain micropores allowing plants to breathe. Polyethylene planters do not need to be covered or placed indoors over winter. Note: make sure to lift planter off the ground.
Terra Cotta & Ceramic Glazed Planters

Our collection of terra cotta planters and ceramic glazed planters are designed to withstand all outdoor elements. These planters are fired between 990 degrees ( terra cotta ) and 1000 degrees ( ceramic glazed planters ) to ensure quality, strength, and resistance to freezing/cracking. Due to the processes used in the manufacturing of our hand-made and hand-glazed containers, all variations concerning firing, color, size, and crackling are not deemed to be defects but are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process.
Terra Cotta & Ceramic Glazed Planter Care 
  • Protect all parts with a cover that could hold water 
  • Make sure planters can not fill with ice/snow 
  • Use pot risers to life planters and urns 
  • If left empty, fill container over - make sure it is not in contact with ground

Cast Iron Planters and Pedestals 

The collection of cast iron planters, urns, and pedestals offered by Campania are designed to withstand the outdoor elements.  It is important to understand that cast iron is going to rust over time which is part of the inherent beauty of cast iron outdoor decor.  Some of these pieces are treated with a wax finish to slow the natural aging. The matte finishes tend to rust faster and can be treated with a sealant to protect the iron from rusting.  

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