Campania International Patinas, the Art of Color

Patinas by Campania International

Campania Cast Stone Collection are special pieces of garden sculpture. Master artists and craftsmen work to create each of the designs. The process from the designing, to mold casting, to the refinement of the cast stone mix, is very detail-oriented. Campania’s Team has perfected each step of the creation process. The final step is the application of the color or patina. Personalizing your selection, these patinas are stains that are hand applied.  The end result is a hand-made statue, fountain, planter, bench, or birdbath that is just for you.

These patinas are available in a nice spectrum of choices, inspired by colors found in nature. Currently, there are fourteen color choices including Natural which is the unfinished cast stone. The Age Limestone boasts of light yellow and oranges aged to a warm brown. The Alpine Stone brings out the depth in detail with the cool grey with a hint of green.

Patch Work Patinas

The Verde brings a soft greenish gray to the spectrum, while the Brownstone comes in with a warm orange-red with an undertone of yellow. The bolder choices are the Nero Nuovo for a dramatic black or the Lead Antique for a hint of blue and under a layer of rich gray. The Copper Bronze has a flare of greens and blues with a touch of oranges and yellows. While the French Limestone is the soft warm yellow with the charm of an old English Garden. English Moss is a charming soft green that defines the character of details in the pieces. Travertine is a whisper of warmth in the garden combining soft oranges, yellows, and beiges for a refined aged look. The ever classic Greystone stands true to its name as a classic medium gray working well on all the cast stone pieces.  Rounding out this collection of colors is the Pietra Nuova rich in browns and reds this patina brings dramatic color to the garden. For an impact, the Ferro Rustico Nuovo is a blend of reds, oranges, and browns that come together in a fantastic display of color.

The Character of Patina

Each of these colors has its own personality and character. They are made to form to your environment and over time they will age and become a bit lighter.

Color Variance

As each piece is stained by hand there is always a range of depth in the darkness or lightness of the color once it is applied. It is very subtle and the swatches shown are intended to give visualization to that range. This is called the Color Variance. The Variance contains a range from lighter to darker and is based on the type of cast stone piece and the artist applying the color.

Campania International Mia Statue

Pieces that have a lot of detail like Mia Dog Statue do well with a mid-range color like Brownstone or Alpine Stone, showing off all the tufts of fur and facial character. In contrast the darker colors like Pietra Novo do well with smoother pieces such as Planters or Urns.

A Selection Above the Rest, Cast Stone Sculptures

When you select your Campania piece, you are buying sculpture that is made by a team of talented artists. Each piece is unique and its journey to your home is just the start of its story. Campania International uses an assembly line approach to production to insure a high quality and general consistency of their pieces. The also work hard to make sure you have a special piece of their craft to enjoy for a lifetime.

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