Campania International Aged Limestone Patina

Aged Limestone by Campania International

Aged Limestone is one of the best selling patinas for Campania International cast stone products. Limestone is a natural stone that had been used for thousands of years to create monuments, pyramids, and roads. Bringing to life the old world appeal, Aged Limestone is a gorgeous patina that is an umber brown with rich undertones of warm yellow and orange with a hint of garden green.

Campania International Aged Limestone

Aged Limestone is sustainable and elegant, as well as being a pleasant representation of vitality and resilience in modern landscape architecture today. Aged Limestone also has unique properties of adaptability for your luxurious outdoor sanctuary. When choosing Aged Limestone, take a good look at your existing landscape colors. Aged Limestone can blend into your outdoor space or even stand out with distinction among your existing colors.

Campania International Sentry Lion Set in Aged Limestone

 Sentry Lion Set

Statuary pieces such as the Sentry Lion Set look brilliant in Aged Limestone, set to stand guard at an entry way. The stain gently blends into the details of the lions mane and face, giving them a stately aged look.


Campania International Savannah Fountain in Aged Limestone

Savannah Fountain 

Another exquisite piece in Aged Limestone is the Savannah Fountain. This three-tiered fountain offers classic smooth lines as the warmest parts of the stain work to define the elegant details of the fountain.

Campania International Williamsburg Bassett Hall Urn in Aged Limestone

Williamsburg Bassett Hall Urn

The Williamsburg Bassett Hall Urn displays Aged Limestone in all its beauty. The warmth of the brown over lays the layers of yellow, orange and even a touch of green giving this urn a graceful aged appearance.

Campania International works tirelessly by hand to achieve the precise look of each pigment stained patina. This hands on multi-step approach to the staining process lends to each piece having its own unique look. Due to the variance in the natural composition of cast stone the application of the stains will vary and no two pieces are exactly alike. 

The patinas are intended to give each piece a natural look and are made with environmentally friendly materials. These stains are not intended to prevent the natural aging process over time; the result is an outdoor element that blends naturally with your landscape. All the Campania International pieces are photographed in a natural setting, allowing for examples in the range in the color variance. Campania International's well practiced approach to their staining process results in a stunning high quality art piece for the landscape.

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