Balance the Home with Indoor Gardening

Where does your garden grow?

Gardening brings us such joy in the Spring, Summer and Fall. When the ground freezes and it is blanketed by a carpet of snow and ice, it is Winter telling us to take a break from the dirt.

But we don’t have to listen…

Our homes are a fabulous environment for growing plants. There are so many great plants that can grow in low light and bright indoor light. Introducing plants into your home is also adding an essential component to our well being…clean air!

Do not let the doldrums of cold dreary days get you down. Adding a small indoor plant can lift your spirits, encouraging you to open the blinds and get fresh light. Getting the reward of happy indoor plants is contagious, when your plants are happy it will make you happy. An indoor plant's needs are simple, light, water, and good soil. Most indoor plants require only water once a week. One of the biggest reasons and indoor plant will die is due to too much water.

One great trick, I used all the time in our garden center, was the ice cube method. It is great for smaller plants and plant containers that have drainage hole. Just place 2 ice cubes (about 1-1.5 inches length) for every 4-inches of planter.
  • 4-inch pot = 2 ice cubes
  • 6-inch pot = 3 ice cubes
  • 8-inch pot = 4 ice cubes
  • Bigger that 8-inch, best to have a regular watering system.

The premise is that ice melts slowly and prevents root rot while a standard ice cube provides a consistent measurement.

Plants love consistency. They love staying in one place and adjusting to the light. Sometimes, when you first purchase a plant and bring it home, it can drop some leaves or turn yellow. It's normal, but if the plant fails to recover or gets worse, adjust the light and water. Indoor plant soil should not be a soup, nor powder dry. When you touch the soil should feel like perfectly cooked pumpkin spice bread.

There are so many great ways to bring plants into the home, you can not go wrong. My go to plant for anyone just starting out is the Pothos Ivy, There are some great varieties out there and they are super easy to care for. Another one, that is a winner, is the ZZ plant. It can grow in low light with very little water. I’m and still caring for our old office ZZ plants and only water once a month, with the ice cube method. You will find through your journey that your plants become a staple in your life and part of what truly balances your home.

Tall Modesto Planter by Mayne shown in black and planted with a Ficus

Modesto Tall Planter in Black

The self watering containers are a no brainer when it comes too low maintenance. These are great for larger indoor plants, like tropicals or canes.

Campania International Caipirinha Planter Set of 3 in Volcanic Coral

Campania International Caipirinha Planter Set of 3 in Volcanic Coral

Glazed planters are always so much fun to decorate with, they can be place indoors and outside. Most of them have a drainage hole, so the ice cube method or even a cork tray will keep the floor tidy.

Campania International Farmer’s Short Pot Set

Campania International Farmer’s Short Pot Set

For that kitchen and herb garden grower pot are ideal. Made from breathable terra cotta these planters make the right place to start seedling, nurture spouts, and have the key cutting herbs.

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