8 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Console Table

You’ve heard of lawn chairs and outdoor sofas, but did you know they make outdoor console tables, too? These days, it’s easier than ever to create a comfortable living space outside your house. A console table makes your outdoor living space feel homey and well-decorated. 

Here are some of our favorite console table options:

The Vicenza Console Table by Campania International is made of durable and beautiful cast stone, available in 14 attractive finishes. It has an old-world aesthetic and it would fit into nearly any décor style. It sits on two sturdy pedestal legs and is perfect against a wall.

The Loire Console Table, also by Campania International, is made completely of cast stone and is set on two curved legs. Each of its 14 colors is designed to blend in to the natural surroundings of your backyard.

The rustic Hidcote Console Table by Currey and Company has the appearance of natural wood, but it’s actually made of sturdier, more durable metal and concrete—though you’d never know that it wasn’t handcrafted by an artisan woodworker! 

Did you find one you like? Now, you just have to decide where to put it! Here are 8 of the top ways you can use your new outdoor console table.

Use it to display plants 

Every porch, pool house, patio, courtyard, or balcony looks better when it has some greenery and blooms to freshen up the space and help it blend into the surrounding outdoors. 

Display artwork or small sculptures

Ceramic, stone, or metal artwork and sculptures are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. Art will add a touch of personality and make your outdoor living area look finished and well-decorated.

Add some mood lighting to your patio with outdoor candles or lanterns

A well-decorated space should always have the soft glow of candles, lamps, or lanterns when the sun goes down, and a console table is an ideal place to set these items.

Put it next to your front or back door for a place to set down items

Just like you’d use a console table inside, you might find that it’s a very functional addition to your front or back entry. You can use it to set down a package while unlocking the front door. You can set down your gardening gloves or tools instead of having to toss them on the ground. A well-placed console table might be the functional furniture piece you never knew you needed. 

Use it as a buffet or beverage stand when entertaining

If you use your outdoor space for entertaining, your console table can transform into a buffet or beverage stand to serve guests.

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