7 Ways Outdoor Garden Fountains Turn Your Backyard into a Showstopper!

1. They attract beautiful songbirds

Did you know that birds and other wildlife are attracted to the sound of moving water? The gentle splashes, bubbles, and gurgling sounds of an outdoor water fountain will pique the curiosity of any feathered friend nearby. When you incorporate a fountain into your yard, the birds will come flocking and you’ll get to enjoy their beauty! Some fountains even allow birds to drink or bathe, making your yard into a bird oasis! 

2. Water features make a good focal point

If your garden or patio seems to be missing “something” but you’re not sure what, it’s possible that you need a focal point. Gardens (and really, any space) are more attractive when they have a focal point—it’s one of the cornerstones of professional landscape design. A focal point can be nearly anything: a bench, a trellis, a statue, or a fountain. With an outdoor garden fountain, you can provide your yard or garden with a stunning focal point that makes the entire space look more interesting and beautiful. 

3. There are outdoor garden fountains to suit any style

Transport yourself to southern Spain with the Andalusia Wall Fountain

Maintain a modern appeal with the Bird Element Fountain


 Get a classic look with the Bordine Finial Fountain.


And, there are so many more to choose from! 

4. They look great all year round

If you live in a place where plants lose their foliage in the winter months, you need something to keep your yard or garden looking nice all year round. Instead of looking out the window to see empty flower beds and leafless shrubs, you’ll have a beautiful fountain to look at! 

5. Fountains are easier to maintain than many other water features

Installing a natural water feature, like a pond, is often difficult. In contrast, fountains are easy to maintain. The constantly-moving water means that algae and other unsightly things don’t stick around. And, as long as the fountain stays on, you won’t have to worry about stagnant water where mosquitos and other insects lay eggs.

6. They’re good for small spaces

You don’t need a sprawling property to enjoy a gorgeous water feature. There are plenty of fountains that are well suited to small patios or yards.

The Del Ray Fountain by Campania International

There are even tabletop fountains to fit in the smallest of spaces! The M-Series Platia Fountain brings the tranquil sound of bubbling water into any small space.

Of course, there are several stunning large fountains to choose from if you have a bigger space to fill. For example, the incredible Charleston Garden Fountain in Basin by Campania International is a showstopper at 8 ½ feet in diameter!

7. The soothing sound is a perfect addition to your relaxing patio

The sound of flowing water can make you feel like you’re relaxing in a spa or sitting by a mountain stream. If you want to make your garden a relaxing place to spend time— whether alone or with friends and family—add an outdoor garden fountain!

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