6 Garden Statues to Leave your Outdoor Beautiful

The use of garden statues has become an integral part of the garden landscaping and design. There is a wide choice of thematic pieces one can choose from. These can either embody contemporary or the classical periods. Different statues are available to set up in your backyard and transform it into a fantastic spot with beauty and a rich sense of history and art. There are religious, wildlife, ancient world, home animals, fairy imaginations as well as various birds. This provides a large pool to choose from in garden decorations. 

Bird baths

Campania International Hummingbird Birdbath
These are used to create a conducive and relaxing setting out of your garden. Whether they are bird carvings or animal statues, they are important in attracting small birds to the garden. Birds such as sparrows and pigeons provide such a scenic view to watch. These birds, in essence, create a fantastic view as they come and leave your garden flapping their colored wings. Their sweet chirrups also bring life to your garden. This is one way to bring out nature and life to your garden. 

Fountain statues

Large Crane Pair Bronze Fountain / Sculpture By Brass Baron
Water is symbolically known as a source and sustainer of all life. Fountain carvings and sculpturing pass as a fantastic way to enhance your garden with beauty and life. You can have the fountains take a form of an animal such as a whale and make water ooze out of it. Equally, an angelic figure can be used as the fountain’s water outlet. Fountains make the garden livelier. They are also known to attract birds that come by for water. Fountains can be best [laced at the center or the opening of the garden where they are easily noticeable. 

Religious Statues

Campania International Fiona's Angel Garden Statue
Statues carrying a spiritual or religious connotation are common garden statues. They bring a rich aura of spirituality and feeling to your garden. Most will seek statues of religious figures such as Buddha, Dalai Lama or any other spiritual leader. Some also go further and craft statues with all sorts of religious personalities of their faith. A fountain opposite these statues simply brings a certain sense of hope and mystery to the garden. Putting up a statue of Buddha will not only bring a spiritual setting but also establish a meditation point for the owners. One may decide to either set the statues in an open place or in a concealed thicket to amaze those garden wanderers.


Animal statues 

Campania International Merrie Little Owl Garden Statue
It is possible to get statues of all the possible animals you may want. Transform your garden into a sort of wildlife center with these statues. You may choose from the animal types and have a carving or fabrication of the statue. Choose from carvings of small animals such as cats, foxes, dogs and monkeys to large towering animal statues like elephants and giraffes to bring forth more life to your garden and backyard. These animal statues are perfect especially for those natives whose cultures are ridden with totem animals that as act as custodians and represent their way of life. You could also convert your garden into a sort of Jurassic Park by erecting dinosaur statues and go back through the wonders of evolution.

Mythical & Fantasy statues

Campania International Abraxas Dragon Garden Statue
Life has always been a mystery with a lot of cultures believing or having stories embodied with fairies, angels, gnomes and other out-of-the-world creatures. Throughout the history of different cultures, stories are abounding about either good and evil spirits which visited gardens and homes for either help or evil, mischievous deeds. While a white carved angel statue can be used in the garden to bring out serenity and goodwill, gnome statues can also be used to keep away mischievous visitors or still as a symbol of protection and intrigue. These fantasy and fairy statues may be placed near the garden gate, the center, water points and fountains. Statues with whimsy fantasy make a simple garden trail seem like a journey in a fairy world with mystery and wonder. 

Garden statues allow one to bring in something new to the garden and boost the garden decoration and landscape. Materials used for making these statues include wood, cement, soapstone, and metal. You have a wide selection of themes you want to be reflected by the garden statuary. Bring life, beauty, mystery and joy to your backyard gardens with these statues.



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