5 Types of Small Garden Planters

Find the right small garden planter for your patio, side table or poolside decor can be one of the most challenging things. There are so many different types of containers sold online; homeowners struggle to select a quality garden container for their home.

5 Types of Small Garden Planters

  • Cast Stone
  • Fiberglass 
  • Ceramic 
  • Terra Cotta 
  • Plastic 

Cast Stone Planters are the most durable of all garden containers.  They are made from pouring high-density concrete ( cast stone ) into molds.  This process allows for the manufacturer to replicate the same planter hundreds to time. 

Campania International Arles Planter

Fiberglass Planters are durably molded planters that are created by using extremely fine glass filament combined in yarn woven into a fabric. ( learn more about Fiberglass

Prism Planters

Ceramic Planters are made from clay and fired in a kiln after they are molded into the desired shape.  Ceramic planters can be glazed or left in their natural color.  Ceramic Planters and Terra Cotta Planters are basically identical with the exception of how they are finished.  Terra Cotta ( meaning Baked Earth in Italian ) traditionally resembles an orangish color while most ceramic pots are darker greyish brown.  

ceramic planters  

Plastic Planters are the less expensive planters sold in the home and garden market.  They are lightweight and are easily moved from one location to the next location.  They are the least durable, least attractive, and offer the most reasonable shipping cost. 

Plastic Planters

Whether you are selecting the most durable small garden planter or the most affordable garden planter, the most important part of selecting a garden planter is understand your needs. If you have any questions about the five types of small garden planters, please call us at 877-780-6699 or email us at orders@thegardengates.com. 


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