5 Simple Garden Hacks

Follow these five steps:

Clean Your Flowers
Cleaning old dying flowers, brown leaves, and poor performing flowers will increase the flowering of each plant 
Just like humans, plants need food. As the colder months disappear and the warmer days approach, make sure to use granular fertilizers to promote an abundance of flowers. Watering routinely with a water soluble ( peters 20-20-20 ) liquid fertilizer will also improve the flowering. 
Using organic mulch adds a colorful addition to the garden, but it also adds more value to the organics of the soil. Using an organic mulch like pine straw or decomposed pine bark fines will continue to add nutrients to your garden. Do Not Use SoftScape Mulch
Knowing when to water and how often to water is the key to a successful garden. I always recommend watering long then more frequently. Deep watering promotes root growth. Strong roots, vigorous plants.
Right Plant
Selecting the right plant's for the right spot is key to any beautiful garden. Understanding the amount of sun versus shade will be the difference in any plants success.

            Make this Spring a Garden Revival 

            Each year we wait for Spring to arrive, doesn't matter if you live in New Orleans or New York, we all wait for Spring. Spring for me is the bouquets of fresh flowers that fill our gardens, planters, and flowering baskets.  

            This year, I planted year in New Orleans, mainly because the winter was extremely mild which gave me the opportunity to allow some late season winter plants have a revival.  My gardens filled with petunias, alyssum, salvia, foxglove, and a few other favorites.  

            Spring flowers in New Orleans

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