4 Top Medium Outdoor Wall Fountains

Medium Outdoor Wall Fountains

Adding a wall fountain can create a gorgeous showpiece for the entrance to your front entryway, backyard garden, or anywhere on your outdoor landscape. Outdoor wall fountains are a worthwhile asset, not only a luxurious way to improve your outdoor sanctuary, but have many other benefits as well. 

Stress relief and relaxation are high on the list because the calming sounds of flowing water are proven to relieve stress and aid in relaxation. They are also very low maintenance because they are equipped with an internal pump system. 

Outdoor wall fountains are a great way to remove everyday noise pollution from noisy neighbors or even traffic and car sounds. Outdoor wall fountains also help to restore balance to your outdoor sanctuary whilst creating a positive flow of energy.

List of Top 4 Medium Outdoor Wall Fountains:

1. Corsini Wall Fountain

Campania International's Corsini Wall Fountain has a classic look while embracing a simple modern style. As the water flows from a spout into a basin, it creates a lovely calming sound of a steady stream of water. This wall fountain stands a little above 3 feet and weighs 291 pounds. Shown in the warmth of the Aged Limestone Patina.

Campania International Corsini Wall Fountain

     2) Portico Wall Fountain 

    Campania International's Portico Wall Fountain is simplistic, but has a very beautiful classic look to it. Wall fountains help with relaxation and stress because of the calming sound of flowing water. This wall fountain stands a little over 2 feet and weighs 89 pounds. It is designed to hang on a solid wall or structure which is ideal for more intimate spaces.

    Campania International Portico Wall Fountain


    3) Colonna Wall Fountain

    Campania International's Colonna Fountain has a classic look while embracing a simple modern style. The water flows from a copper spout into two bowls, creating a lovely sound of a steady stream. This wall fountain stands almost 3 feet and weighs 132 pounds.

    Campania International Colonna Wall Fountain


    4) Dragonfly Wall Fountain

    Campania International's Dragonfly Wall Fountain is certainly a piece of art. This wall fountain would be a gorgeous addition to any outdoor landscape as it helps to relax you will the calming sound of flowing water. This piece stands exactly 4 feet tall and weighs 311 pounds.

    Campania International Dragonfly Wall Fountain
    These are just a few of our favorite medium wall fountains. Campania has a great range of styles of wall fountains for any landscape setting. All of Campania International Fountains are hand-made of cast stone and stained to order in one of their many options. From Modern Wall Fountains that artistically blend the use of metal and stone to the classic Basin Wall Fountain that will define a courtyard, there is a fountain design for every outdoor luxurious space.

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