4 Best Valentines Gifts for the Gardener

Lovely Garden Gifts

Every year Valentine’s Day comes, and we all think of chocolate and flowers, but what if we could do more? Go the extra mile for our favorite person. This is a special day to show how special they are to you, that they are more than just a card or cut flowers. Give the gift that will always be there to remind them that they are forever in your heart. 

Garden gifts are perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts because this day lands right on the cusp of Spring. Planting up a planter with the potential to bloom into a beautiful show or getting the fountain set up and ready for that perfect sunny day, sets the mood for love in the garden for all the months to come.

Love Bird Planter by Campania International

The Love Bird Planter offers a sweet touch of romance to the garden with little birds all cozied up together and tending the flowers the planter holds. Plant this planter with violas and alyssum for fragrance or some lovey succulents for texture and color. Its ideal size can be placed on the garden table, or as a charming indoor arrangement.

M-Series Bid Fountain by Campania International

A tabletop fountain is a great gift for outside or inside the home. These smaller fountains bring the joy and sound of soothing water anywhere you place them. The M-series Bird Fountain is a lovely little bubbling work of water art with the sweet romance of a pair of birds. Place on a size table on the patio or a nook in the home office to balance the home with the sound of water.

Fauna Garden Statue

The romance of the garden has been captured for centuries by artist and their vision of love. From the soft paintings of Claude Monet to landscapes of European castles and the poets of times past, the garden is the quintessential place to find love. One common thread is the garden statue, statues that tell a story of romance. The Fauna Statue, with her peaceful face and detailed garden elements, stands gracefully in the garden as if waiting for a whisper from her loved one.

Love Bench by Campania International

There is no better place to capture the love of the garden for your gardener than a bench. Place the Love Bench front and center to set a loving mood. This modern spin on a classic garden piece will add interest and charm to the garden space. It offers a wonderful place to sit and whisper all your sweet thoughts to your special person.

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