3 Top Easy Planters for Mardi Gras

A Mardi Gras Tradition to Inspire a Beautiful Entryway: 3 Top Easy Planters

Purple, green, and gold! If those colors sound familiar, you know about the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition, the King Cake. The three colors associated with decorating these cakes have significance. Purple signifies justice, green signifies faith, and gold signifies power.

King Cake Colors New Orleans Mardi GrasMade of braided cinnamon dough and filled with an assortment of desirable creams, jellies or fresh fruit our New Orleans Chefs work to make each piece an experience. This French confection was introduced to New Orleans around 1870, establishing itself as a staple in Mardi Gras festivities. Just as New Orleans is ever changing, the king cake reflects the evolution of these traditions. 
King Cake Boxes New Orleans Mardi Gras

From the start of the new year through Fat Tuesday king cakes are in every bakery in Louisiana. The options are growing and so is the fun! King cake parties are all the rage in our hometown, allowing everyone samples of all the different types.

King Cake Baby New Orleans Mardi Gras

Whilst attending a king cake party, the host will serve a slice of king cake. 

The excitement takes place when everyone takes a peek and only one person finds their prize, the little plastic baby. The person who gets the baby is crowned the “King" for the day and is expected to buy and host the next king cake party.

Every good host knows that a great party starts with a welcoming entryway. We have selected our top low maintenance, self watering tall planters that will set a fun mood for your next gathering.
These planters are made of a high grade durable plastic with a life time guarantee. There is an internal reservoir that holds water for roots to absorb as the plants grow. Place two on either side of your door and fill with some fun seasonal flowers or evergreen plants. These tall planters are perfect for any entry that is difficult to water. The internal reservoir holds the water and keeps the space clean. 

3 Top Easy Planters for Mardi Gras

Georgian Self Watering Planter by Mayne
The Georgian tall planter has a unique lattice work pattern to add beauty to your front entrance. This planter is also very durable, low maintenance, and self-watering. The planter stands about 2.5 feet tall and you can plant whatever you desire. Available in three colors, white, black and espresso.
Georgian Tall Planter by Mayne

Bordeaux Tall Planter in Black by Mayne

The Bordeaux tall planter gives off an art deco vibe with a unique vase shape. This planter will jazz up any front entrance. Durable, low maintenance, self-watering the Bordeaux tall planter is a must have. The internal reservoir offers the opportunity for fun combinations of flowering plants with out the worry of lots of maintenance. The Bordeaux comes in your chose of white, black or espresso fade resistant colors.


Mayne Modesto Tall Planter

Modesto Tall Planter in Neptune Blue by Mayne

The Modesto tall planter is very contemporary and modern. Placed by your front entrance, the planter is very inviting for your guests. This beauty is about 3 feet tall with a sleek look. This planter is also very durable, low maintenance, and self-watering. Choose from the classic black, white or espresso finishes or in Mayne's newest color choices of graphite grey and Neptune Blue. The Modesto planter is a statement piece for any entryway.

These are just three of our favorite low maintenance, self watering tall planters by Mayne. We have a range of planter styles, colors and sizes for you the look you want. Check out all the great options to help jazz up your home for yourself and your guests!

---Thank you for being our inspiration.

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