3 Tabletop Fountains To Boost Your Mood

Tabletop Fountains To Boost Your Mood

Adding a tabletop water fountain to your home or office adds luxury, positive energy, and the wonderful life force, water. Serene sounds of a tabletop fountain certainly help most feel calm and happy as do the sounds of running water, which can be soft and repetitively tranquil. Tabletop fountains also produce negative ions, which have fabulous health benefits.

Pebble Table Top Fountain

Owning a real tabletop fountain can create an ambient atmosphere in any space. Often times we find ourselves seeking out the sounds of nature and will just "make do" with a sound machine. A far better choice is the real thing, a tabletop fountain. The size of these charming small fountains are ideal for small areas and can be used inside, outside, or wherever you need to feel good.

Campania International M-Series Platia Fountain

The water flow of a tabletop fountain produces negative ions helping you feel your best. Once introduced into the bloodstream, these negative ions undergo biochemical reactions that actually make you feel better by increasing serotonin levels. Negative ions also help to purify the air which is good for everyone.


M-Series Concept Fountain by Campania International
This extremely modern tabletop fountain will look great wherever it's placed. At home or the office, this tabletop fountain stands 8 inches tall. 
M-Series Kenzo Fountain by Campania International
This piece of art work can be placed anywhere while giving off negative ions. These negative ions actually help purify the air.
Garden Terrace Meditation Fountain bu Campania International
This charming meditation frog will surely see a few smiles. This fountain from Campania International is featured in English Moss and is sure to help you create a meditation space.

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