3 Garden Benches for Your Outdoor Sanctuary

3 Garden Benches: A must have for your outdoor sanctuary.

Garden benches create a destination and an engagement in your outdoor space, giving the garden a greater purpose. This garden element is a fabulous addition to your landscape because they can be informally used as a focal point in your outdoor sanctuary. Imagine your garden bench as a perfect place to pause and enjoy the beauty of nature. Garden benches placed on the patio or even next to the pool will engage you in the landscape. It is essential to have a garden bench by a water feature and definitely near a fountain to relax and enjoy the sound. 

The most luxurious choice for your garden bench is the collection of cast stone, hand-stained garden benches by Campania International. These are not your typical wooden benches that fall apart over time. Campania International offers magnificent pieces of garden art to add to your outdoor luxury decor that last a lifetime.

Here are the top 3 Garden Benches that are a must have for your luxurious outdoor landscape.

1.  The Fleur de Lys Curved Bench

Campania International Fleur De Lys Curved Bench

The Fleur de Lys Curved Bench is a classic design and will add a perfect place to rest and enjoy your outdoor space. The curved top piece is a little over 3.5 feet long and stands close to 2 feet tall. Once put together, the bench is 199 pounds of elegance.

2.  The Love Bench

Campania International Love Bench

The Love Bench is definitely a statement piece that shows off your fun personality. This bench is about 3.5 feet long and stands about 1 foot tall. The bench is shown in the Nero Nuovo Patina by Campania International and comes in 13 other hand-stained patinas as well. The Love Bench surely offers a great place to sit and relax.

3. The Faux Bois Bench

Campania International Faux Bois Bench

The Faux Bois Bench is the perfect piece for a more subtle bench that blends into your landscape. Amazingly, the bench is made of cast stone, but hand-applied with Brownstone Patina, this bench looks just like wood. This bench is about 4 feet long and stands almost 1.5 feet tall. The bench, once assembled, weighs 379 pounds.

A garden bench can simply be a serene place to relax and smell the fresh scent of sweet olive, maybe the magnolia scent from the tree, or to simply smell the roses. Campania International’s selection of garden benches will definitely stand the test of time, but will also weather naturally as any outdoor decor would. 

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