2017 Trends in the Garden

Gardens have become places we live and work rather than things we stand and observe. 2017 will bring our gardens and landscapes front and center with several trends forecasted by Garden Design magazine.

We will see natural materials become fundamental elements in the garden combined with sustainable plant materials. Also, the use of color blocking similar to the how it is used in the fashion industry. The Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian originated color blocking with his artwork.  

Top Garden Decor Trends 

Instant Shade 

The use of large outdoor umbrella's in open patio areas will become the norm.  The cost to create shaded seating areas using cantilevered umbrella is minimal in comparison the cost to construct a pergola or outdoor covered seating area. 

cantilever umbrella

 Focal Fountains  

The large outdoor estate fountain has become the center of attention.  The large scale fountains offer both sounds and beauty to any landscape or drive area.  

 Large Estate Fountains for the Home

 Connecting Personalities 

A landscape company spends years exploring how to provide the best design that complements the architecture of the home, the personality of the homeowner and is functional.  Finding the right components to incorporate into the design has never been easier with garden decor from  Campania International.  

Garden Decor accessories will become more present in 2017 as people begin to add elements to more mature landscapes.  The placement of a statue, planters, fountains, and will be mini garden renovations that will be a big part of 2017.

Also check out Chad Everett Harris blog to find more resources online about home and garden decor. 

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