10 Best Outdoor Statues

10 Best Outdoor Statues

Our collection of outdoor statues will add character to any home or garden. See the 10 best outdoor statues made from cast stone in the United States by the premier statue manufacture, Campania International.  All the outdoor statues ship for free when ordering online. 


Tall Saytr Garden Statue

The Tall Saytr Garden Statue is on the larger end of the spectrum, at just about 5 feet tall and 315lbs. It makes a great fit in the nook of a garden. The statue naturally ages, and is shown in Aged Limestone.


Three's a Crowd Garden Statues

These Three Little Birds might not sing sweet songs of melodies pure and true, but will absolutely add character to your garden. The dimensions are 7x6x10.5 (inches) and it weighs 12 pounds. Shown in Grey Stone.


St. Francis with Baby Bird Garden Statue

St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals, making him very fitting for any outdoor garden. Weighing in at 125 pounds at around 3 feet tall, it mark itself in your garden. Shown in Brown Stone.


Totally Zen Too Frog

The Totally Zen Too Frog is a classic from Campania International, bringing a calming environment to your landscape. Shipped via FedEx to your front door. The dimensions are 12x13x6.5 (inches), weighing in at 21 pounds.


Isadora Statue

The Isadora Statue 27 inches tall and weighs 154 pounds. It shows a woman on a pedestal resting. Color shown in Pietra Vecchia.  


Male Golfer Garden Statue

The Golfer Garden Statue shows a young man sporting an ivy hat , with his golf club bags in a preppy outfit. 27 inches tall and weighing in at 55 pounds, the statue is shipped via FedEx to your home.


Antique Rooster

The Antique Rooster Garden Statue will bring a classic style to your garden. The dimensions are 15x8x20.75 (inches) and the statue weighs 32 pounds.

Campania International Autumn Angel Garden Statue

The Autumn Angel Garden Statue brings an effect of serenity to your garden. The angel, with a  calm facial expression and its hands crossed, is shown in Alpine Stone.


Proud Pup Statue

The Proud Pup Statue brings a blissful vibe to your garden. The dog features a stick in its mouth while sitting down. The dimensions are roughly 12x12x12 (inches) and it weighs just about 27 pounds.


Ho-Tai Buddha Statue

Maybe you have a zen garden and want to feature something from the Campania Asian Accents collections. The Ho-Tai Buddha Statue features a pleasantly plump Buddha with a great smile. The dimensions are 13x11x8 (inches) and weighs 26 pounds. The featured color is Grey Stone.

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