What Fountain Supplies Are Necessary?

When you invest in a fountain for your garden, it’s important to maintain it. While fountains are pretty low-maintenance, there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Here, we’ll discuss the fountain supplies you need if you want to keep your fountain running for years to come.

A Fountain Cover

Fountains have some fairly complex parts: pumps, tubing, filters. These parts can all become clogged, leading to damage and leaks. Since fountains are outside, it can be pretty easy for them to get filled with debris like leaves and twigs. Debris leads to clogs, and clogs can shorten the life of your fountain. So, how can you minimize the amount of debris that gets in your fountain?

Campania International  Fountain Covers

First of all, it’s best to place a fountain away from trees that drop a lot of leaves, seeds, etc. Next, you’ll want to put a fountain cover over your fountain whenever it’s not in use. Yes, fountains are made to be durable outdoors, but it’ll lengthen the life of your water feature if you keep it protected from the elements when it isn’t in use. If you live in an area where it freezes during the winter, you should drain your fountain and cover it in the fall. This way, you’ll keep leaves and debris out and your fountain will be protected from the sun, wind, rain, and snow all winter long. Find excellent, weatherproof fountain covers right here.

Algae-Killing Solution

During the warmer months of the year, you may struggle to keep algae out of your fountain despite the constantly moving water. Algae can form a green, slimy coating that looks ugly and can harm your fountain. Thankfully, there are some great algaecide products that can remedy or prevent this problem. We suggest Fountec Algaecide.

  • Safe for plants, pets, birds, and other wildlife (but not safe for fish)
  • Kills bacteria and slime
  • Unaffected by heat, sunlight, and evaporation
  • Improves water quality and appearance; will not cause cloudy water
  • Does not stain the surface of your fountain like copper-based cleaners do
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbing
  • Combines well with Protec Scale Inhibitor to keep the fountain scale-free and algae-free

You only need to use a small amount of Fountec Algaecide to get great results. By using the right fountain supplies, you won’t have to scrub away at your fountain to remove algae and stains.

Hard Water Treatment

A hard water treatment is a must-have for fountain maintenance! If hard water deposits continue to build upon your fountain, your pump can become damaged irreparably and your fountain can become stained over time. We recommend the Protec Scale Inhibitor for Fountains.

  • Safe for plants, pets, birds, and other wildlife
  • Safe for your fountain and non-acidic; does not foam or stain
  • Made with a unique blend of organo-phosphonates for protection against calcium buildup and metallic stains
  • Designed to prevent future mineral deposits/stains
  • Able to remove existing white calcium scale deposits and iron/copper stains
  • Helps prevent pump damage due to hard water buildup
  • Can be combined with Fountec Algaecide for comprehensive fountain maintenance

We recommend that you use this hard water treatment once a month for best results. With the right fountain supplies, your fountain will look beautiful and will remain functioning for many years to come!

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