Outdoor Projects: Planning for Spring

Planning for Outdoor Projects for Spring 

Each year Spring gives us the opportunity to create a new outdoor space or design at home in the garden.  As the weather transitions, " Spring Fever" begins to take over all our outdoor activities.   

Planning Outdoor Projects: 

Planning for a new outdoor project during the colder months gives you the chances for excitement when the weather changes.  Here are four tips to make planning those outdoor projects. 

  1. Pictures: Take photos of the area - taking photographs allows you to draw design mock-up of design ideas.  Each time you think of a new idea or design, sketch it out, this will help you visualize the space. 
  2. Color: Think about colors that compliment our home and existing outdoor decor. Often, we see bad choices on color selection of outdoor statues, patio furniture, and plant material that does not enhance the existing outdoors.  
  3. Research: Create Pinterest boards, research hashtags in Instagram, and follow your favorite designers on YouTube.  This research will allow you to build a better project that looks professionally designed. 
  4. Budget: Setting up a budget that is sensible is the key to a completed project.  Often, projects are left unfinished, or corners are cut because of the budget. It is always best to allocate a 10-15 percent increase in any budget to cover an unexpected cost.  

Ideas for Outdoor Projects  

Create a focal point using a stand-alone fountain

Outdoor seating areas with all weather rattan furniture

outdoor seating areas

Add garden statues

Campania International Four Seasons Fall Garden Statue
Grouping of ceramic planters

Campania International Delphine Planter Set Of 5 In Falling Jade

 Planning outdoor projects for the Spring is never easy but with some research, careful planning, and a practical budget, it will be a success.  


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