Mayne Collection of Colors in Graphite Grey

Mayne Graphite Grey Patina

Mayne Graphite Grey Patina
Graphite Grey is a newer color choice for Mayne’s products. The graphite grey finish is matte, more toned down than black, and modern. Oftentimes, the beauty of the color lies in its simplicity.
Modesto Round Planter in Graphite Grey by Mayne
Graphite Grey is not as dramatic as black, but will blend really well with your garden or even in your home. Choosing a simplistic color can also allow you to create your own design, while maintaining the classic beauty.
Nantucket Square Planter in Graphite Grey by Mayne
Choosing the graphite grey short or tall planter can also define simple greenery or add a burst of color to enhance your curb appeal. You can also place a planter inside to help cleanse the air and possibly alleviate stress.

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