Looking for a Outdoor Console Table? You Just Found It!

The Vicenza console table by Campania International is a decorative accent table made of cast stone and designed for outside use; however, it can be creatively used indoors as well. The stylish console table is ideal for outdoor living spaces thanks to its practical nature. It has many uses from simple decorative to lots of entertaining potentials. It also comes in a great selection of colors to work with your outdoor decor and to complement your personal style. Add this console table to patios, porches, courtyards, balconies, and covered outdoor spaces. It can also be used in rustic hallways, a sun porch or screened-in area, or other multi-functional spaces.

Top Features of the Vicenza Console Table:

  1. 12 finish color options

  2. 60 inches long

  3. 34.5 inches tall

  4. 19 inches deep - great for walkways or narrow spaces

  5. 499 pounds

  6. Free shipping

  7. Ships in about 12-14 business days

Cast stone outdoor products by Campania International are designed to last through wind, rain, and other weather. Cast stone is an incredibly durable material that has been used for centuries in buildings because of its great properties. It is also a nicer looking material than cement or concrete because it is made using a proprietary blend of crushed stones and minerals with a smoother texture.


Best Uses for the Vicenza Console Table:

  1. Decorative - holds candles, pictures, vases

  2. Buffet - self-serve dinner parties and hors d'oeuvres

  3. Bar - keep ice, drinks, and mixers easily on hand

  4. Outdoor Entertainment - use for outdoor TV, speakers, etc

  5. Holding and Displaying Plants


Campania International also makes many other outdoor products, both decorative and functional. They are all designed and made in their US facility on the East Coast. Their collections include garden planters, urns, statues, benches, garden tables, large fountains, bird baths, finials, stepping stones, pot risers, pedestals, wall plaques, and more. Their comprehensive outdoor offerings have everything you would need to decorate the outside of your home, patio, garden, courtyard or lawn with decorative, lasting items that will endure outside for a very long time.

Most Popular Products by Campania International:

  1. Large garden fountains

  2. Statuary - animals, religious, zen, garden gnomes

  3. Garden planters and urns

  4. Pedestals

  5. Bird baths

Learn more about the Vicenza console table by Campania International today and when ordering online, shipping is always free. 

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