Colorful Guardians of the Entryway, Foo Dogs

Bring Good Fortune to the Home with Foo Dogs

Originating from Chinese traditions, we see Foo Dogs used as a part of both interior and exterior designs. The origin of these sculptures dates back to ancient Chinese traditions and where they were initially lions guarding the entryways, bringing social status and good luck to the home. Over time, their look and name evolved into the Foo Dog name we use today, as they appear to look a good deal like the Chinese Shih Tzu and Chow Chow dogs.

Campania International Food Dog Female

Always in a pair, these statues have meaning. The Female Foo Dog (yin) protects her cub under her paw, symbolizing loyalty, nurturing, and devotion. She sits left of the Male Foo Dog (yang) who is guarding a globe that represents the Earth, maintaining balance and control.

Campania International Chinese Foo Dog Male

They have their mouths open in an aggressive expression, but also to symbolize the in and out deep breaths of meditation. These ancient guardians of the heavens, when placed at the entry of a home on earth, are meant to protect the home and bring positive vibes into the space.

The meaning of the Foo Dogs goes beyond just having two placed at the entry. The color of these statues matters as well. Using the five elements of Feng Shuiwe can tie in the color choice to evoke the most important meaning of the space. 

  • Earth Element, for the overall wellness, stability, and nourishment of the family, would have the warm colors of yellows and browns. The Aged Limestone, Brownstone, Travertine, and Pietra Nuovo Patinas are all great choices.
  • Fire Element will bring passion, inspiration, and great self-esteem.
    All the Campania International Colors
    The bold Ferro Rustico Nuovo is a perfect selection for this statement of color.
  • The Metal Element can be represented literally with the use of a metal material, however in the Campania International patina choices, the French Limestone and Natural fall under this realm, as white is a metal color in the Feng Shui selections. The choice of a Metal element symbolizes organization, clarity, and focus.
  • Water is an element of emotion. Choosing the Nero Nuovo or Lead Antique for the Foo Dogs will give emotional stability, wisdom, and positive vibes for social connections.
  • The Wood Element is a symbol of good luck with the use of the green hues. The English moss, Verde, and Alpine Stone all have green in their color. These all would bring renewal and creative vibes into the space.

Campania International Temple Food Dod Set

 Campania International's Small Temple Foo Dog Set in Alpine Stone.

Campania International Traditional Foo Dog Set

Campania International's Traditional Foo Dog Set in the Nero Nuovo Patina

The Foo Dogs are sculptures that have a rich history, steeped in unique cultural Chinese traditions. Bringing them to your home is a great way to capture positive energies into the home for balance and harmony.

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