Campania International Verde Patina

Verde Patina by Campania International

Verde is a top selling patina for Campania International cast stone products. The Verde patina has a lavish soft grey color with an underlay of tones of green. Verde pieces belong to the lighter color spectrum with a very mellow greenish hue. Depending on where your Campania International piece is placed and the piece you choose, anything in Verde will effortlessly blend into your garden whilst maintaining its beauty.

 Verde Patina

When choosing Verde, first take a good look at your existing landscape colors. You may want your new Verde piece to blend into your outdoor space or even stand out with refinement among your existing colors. 

Quackers by Campania International 

Quackers Goose Garden Statue by Campania International

When choosing statuary animals in the Verde patina, Campania International’s Quackers Goose Garden Statue is a perfect fit for this soft and subtle color. Quackers Goose Garden Statue exhibits both smooth surfaces as well as fine details. This stain looks brilliant on these geese and you can add a quirky Quackers Goose Garden Statue to liven up your outdoor landscape and perhaps even invite a few smiles for goose lovers. 

Estancia Wall Fountain by Campania International 

Estancia Wall Fountain by Campania International

Campania International’s Estancia Wall Fountain is a timeless beauty that looks extravagant in the Verde patina. The style of this fountain is pure outdoor luxury with breathtaking waterfalls perfectly placed so that they all fall together along with classic smooth features. Besides just an exquisite wall fountain for your outdoor sanctuary, the fountain will also provide a calming space and less anxiety by drowning out noise pollution. 

Campania International's Nyssa Planter 

Campania International's Nyssa Planter

Campania International’s Nyssa Planter looks fantastic in the Verde patina. This particular planter resembles more of a natural concrete look. When you decide what you want to plant in the Nyssa Planter, the color of the plants will look phenomenal paired with the Verde patina. This modern cast stone planter will be a luxurious addition to your outdoor decor and can be placed anywhere and will surely be noticed.

Campania International works tirelessly by hand to achieve the precise look of each pigment stained patina. This hands on multi-step approach to the staining process lends to each piece having its own unique look. Due to the variance in the natural composition of cast stone the application of the stains will vary and no two pieces are exactly alike. 

The patinas are intended to give each piece a natural look and are made with environmentally friendly materials. These stains are not intended to prevent the natural aging process over time. The overall result is an outdoor element that blends naturally with your landscape. All the Campania International pieces are photographed in a natural setting, allowing for examples in the range of the color variance. Campania International's well-practiced approach to their staining process results in a stunning high quality art piece for the landscape.

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