Weathervanes for Sale and Garden Weathervanes The Garden Gates' selection of weathervanes for sale and garden weathervanes are high quality weathervanes made to withstand the elements and enjoy years of use. Choose from a number of styles and materials for a one of a kind look to adorn the tops of cupolas, roofs, garden poles and much more. These weathervanes for sale will make your home and properties stand out with their attractive designs and motifs. All of The Garden Gates' weathervanes are handcrafted and durable for a distinct, lasting style. Cooper Weathervanes and Aluminium Weathervanes The Garden Gates' garden weathervanes come in copper and aluminum finishes to suit your taste. Copper weathervanes are a polished, clean look, and they make a classic addition to any home and garden. Rustic aluminum weathervanes has a green patina for an aged effect and are beautiful additions to any home as well. Weathervanes for sale at The Garden Gates are traditional pieces with modern elements for any style of home, from urban and modern to the great outdoors. The Garden Gates has weathervanes for sale to go with any garden decorations and outdoor decor. Garden Weathervanes and Weathervanes for Sale Garden weathervanes and weathervanes for sale at The Garden Gates come in a number of styles as well as finishes. Classic designs are the rooster, whale, country doctor, locomotive, lab, golfer, horse, whimsical pig, arrow, lighthouse, pine trees, angel with trumpet, deer, elk, pheasant, geese, eagle, american flag, bear, racing sloop, Smithsonian arrow, and pelican. More modern designs of weathervanes are the fireman, mermaid, motorcycle, stained glass moon, chopper, mother bird with chicks, hummingbird with flowers, wine bottle, rifle with scope, rifle with scope and deer, rifle with scope and moose, and shotgun.
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3 Geese in Flight Weathervane By Good Directions

3 Geese in Flight Weathervane

30 Bear Weathervane - Garden By Whitehall Products

30" Bear Weathervane - Garden Black

30 Bear Weathervane - Rooftop By Whitehall Products

30" Bear Weathervane - Rooftop Black

30-inch Airplane Garden Weathervane By Whitehall Products

30-inch Airplane Garden Weathervane