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Plant Supports Systems and Plant Cages Plant Supports Flowers and vines can be top-heavy, and many plants needs support systems to grow and stand call. The Garden Gates understands the importance of plants growing not only healthy but also properly, and that is why we carry a full line of plant support systems from border supports, hoops, and grids with legs. Many flowering plants, such as amaryllis, and climbing vine plants, such as tomato, require a support to hold the heavy flower or provide a system of supports for climbing. The Garden Gates' fantastic range of plant support systems allows you to establish vegetable gardens, climbing vines with height, and large flowering plants to grow to their full potential and beauty. Wraparound Supports and Hoops Wraparound supports and hoops act like a brace on plants and provide a sturdy base of support. 
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10 Heart Topiary Frame with Coated Wire Frame

10" Heart Topiary Frame - green plastic-coated wire

10 Star on a Coated Wire Stem

10" Star on a wire stem. Overall height 19.5" + 5" that goes into pot.

12 Grid + 18 Legs - Set of 2

12" Grid + 18" Legs - Set of 2

15 diameter Wrapround / Peony Support with 25 legs - Set of 3

15" diameter Wrapround / Peony Support with 25" legs - Set of 3

18 Amaryllis Support - Set of 3 By Bosmere

18" Amaryllis Support - Set of 3

18 Grid + 36 Legs

18" Grid + 36" Legs
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