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Sunset West Care & Maintenance

Sunset West Care & Maintenance
Sunset West’s furniture and appearance should be enjoyed for years with proper care and maintenance. Please review the Care & Maintenance instructions thoroughly. Failure to maintain proper care & maintenance of your furniture may void the warranty.

Frame Finishes

Wash with a mild natural soap and warm water solution. ¼ cup dish soap per gallon of water should suffice. Sunset West recommends using a terry cloth rag to wash the frames of our furniture. Note. Brillo pads or harsh sponges will adversely affect the finish. Always rinse with off the furniture when done.  Coastal areas are very harsh on all metals and powder coated aluminum is no exception. Salt must be cleaned from frames on a regular basis (i.e. every 60 days) or finish may oxidize, discolor and/or blister. It is recommended to use car wax in extreme environments to protect your furniture from nature’s harshest elements.*Salt build up over time without proper cleaning will deteriorate the frame’s finish. This is not covered under warranty.
Please, do not store furniture frames in freezing climates. While drain holes are part of preventative measures taken by Sunset West, water has the potential to accumulate in the frame and in a freezing environment may cause water to freeze and explode/crack metal frame structure. This is not covered.

Woven Resin

Resin weaves are virtually maintenance free. Use soap and water occasionally to clean your furniture. A build up of salt may still affect the powder coating on the frame underneath and should be maintained as appropriate. In extreme climates were temperatures are often 100 degrees or more, it is suggested to place furniture in 50% shaded areas.

Moving Parts      

Periodically check all nuts and bolts to see that they are functioning correctly. This will insure that all fastened areas are secure.


Sunbrella® (solution dyed acrylic fabric) recommends their fabrics be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt to occur and the chance of mildew to form.  Please visit for further details.
Proper care and maintenance of your furniture will reward you with years of enjoyable service.
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