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La Mirande Fountain Assembly Instructions

  1. Make sure you are assembling your fountain on a level surface like a concrete slab or pea gravel.

  2. This fountain will need to be installed on a surface capable of holding a minimum of 900 pounds

    in approximately a 5 square foot area.

  3. Make sure that all components are centered and leveled before installing the next component.

  4. Feed the pump cord through the hole in the basin (FT-281D) leaving enough cord length inside

    basin to work with the pump.

  5. Wrap a piece of putty around both pump cords where you will be placing the stopper. (fig A)

  6. Fit both cords into the stopper.

  7. Place a piece of putty inside the length of the slit in the stopper. (fig B)

  8. Wrap putty around outside of stopper ensuring that the slit and the cord hole are covered

    and sealed.

  9. Press stopper firmly into the hole of basin.

  10. Place the pump house (FT-289F) in the center of the basin. For best results, use a

    tape measure when centering the pump cover.

  11. Place the pump inside the pump cover.

  12. Place the large bowl (FT-289E) on top of the pump cover.

  13. Place a hose clamp over the 5/8” non-kink tubing end of each of the non kink hose

a. Note the other hose clamp may be placed on the tubing prior to installation as a flow restrictor if necessary.

  1. Place one 5/8” end of the each of the tubing assemblies over each of the copper pipes protruding from the bottom of the large bowl (FT-289E).

  2. Place the PK500 Pump in the center of the large bowl (FT-289E).

  3. Place the pump cover (FT-273C) over the pump.

  4. Place a hose clamp over each end of the 5/8” non-kink tubing.

  5. Attach one end to one of the copper pipes protruding up from the smaller bowl (FT-289B) and

    tighten the hose clamp.

a. The open pipe will be used to power the flow from the large bowl.

  1. Attach the other end of the 5/8hose to the PK500 pump and tighten the clamp.

  2. Place the finial (FT-289A) inside the smaller bowl (FT-289B) and ensure that the hole on the

    bottom of the finial lines up with the copper pipe protruding from the top of the smaller bowl (FT-


  3. Fill the base with approximately 30 gallons of water

a. Do not run the pump without any water in base, since it can damage the pump.


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