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Campania International Estate Longvue Fountain Installation Instructions

Campania International Estate Longvue Fountain Installation Instructions

  • Make sure you are assembling your fountain on a level surface. A sand or gravel base is recommended.
  • This fountain will need to be installed on a surface capable of holding a minimum of 5784 pounds in approximately a 65 square foot area.
  • Make sure that all components are centered and leveled before installing the next component.
  • Feed the pump cord through the hole in the basin (FGB-2020) leaving enough cord length inside basin to work with the pump.
  • Wrap a piece of putty around both cords together where you will be placing the stopper.
  • Fit cords into stopper.
  • Place a piece of putty inside the length of the slit in the stopper.
  • Wrap putty around outside of stopper ensuring that the slit and the cord hole are covered and sealed.
  • Press stopper firmly into the hole of basin.
  • Loosely wrap cords up in the center of the basin.
  • Place the pump cover (FT-239J) over the pump in the center of the basin. For best results, use a tape measure when centering the pump cover. 12. Place the large pedestal (FT-239I) on top of the pump cover.
  • Place the large bowl (FT-239H) on top of the large pedestal.
  • Place the 7 ½” piece of PVC into the coupling in the bottom of the large bowl. This must be used as a stand pipe to prevent water from flowing out of the center of the bowl back into the basin.
  • Drop both tubing assemblies down from large bowl through the pedestal down to the pumps in the basin. a. Note – the ¾” end of the 80” assembly goes down to the pump.
  • Fold the end of the 60” length of tubing down over the edge of the standpipe.
  • Secure that tubing by placing the rubber band over the tubing and pipe so that the tubing opening points down into the bowl.
  • Attach the 80” assembly to the 800 gph pump and attach the 60” tubing to the 500 gph pump. A hose clamp may be used on the 500 gph pump.
  • Place the medium pedestal (FT-239F) inside the large bowl.
  • Place the medium bowl on top of the medium pedestal.
  • Feed the end of the 80” length of tubing up through the medium pedestal and bowl.
  • Place the second stand pipe over the end of the tubing and place into the coupling of the medium bowl.
  • Place the small pedestal in the center of the medium bowl.
  • Feed the end of the 80” inch tubing up through the small pedestal.
  • Place end of the tubing over the copper pipe protruding from the bottom of the small bowl. 26. Place the small bowl on top of the small pedestal
  • Place the finial (FT-239A) in the small bowl by lowering the hole of the finial onto the copper pipe protruding up from the bowl.
  • Insert the basin plug into the side wall of the large basin and the #7 drain stopper with wing nut in large bowl.
  • Place pump cover doors in the appropriate pedestals. FT-239D – into small pedestal access window.FT-239G – into medium pedestal access window.FT-239L – into pump cover window – Please note that the finger hole of this door goes on the top.

Fill the basin with approximately 240 gallons of water.
Place the copings around the basin working all eight of them in at the same time to ensure they will all fit. a. Fitting them one at a time will prevent the last one from fitting properly. NOTE: DO NOT RUN FOUNTAIN WITHOUT SUFFICIENT WATER. IF THE PUMP IS ALLOWED TO RUN DRY, IT CAN DAMAGE THE PUMP.




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