Zenergy Chakra Wind Chime by Woodstock Chimes

Zenergy Chakra Wind Chime by Woodstock Chimes

Zenergy Chakra Wind Chime by Woodstock Chimes

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Zenergy® Chakra Wind Chime by Woodstock Chimes

The Zenergy Chakra Chime is a set of seven rods, each tuned to the frequency of a different chakra. Tapping a rod with the included mallet and focusing on the corresponding tone can promote healthy energy flow in your body. The chime also comes with genuine stones corresponding to each chakra, which can be placed near the rod or held while playing. According to ancient Hindu beliefs, our happiness and well-being lie within us, and there are seven major energy centers in our body known as the seven chakras. Each chakra vibrates at a unique frequency, and when they are all in harmony, our body's energy is balanced, leading to good physical, mental, and spiritual health.

From left to right, the rods and stones of the Zenergy Chakra Chime represent:

Chakra Frequency Stone
Muladhara or Base Chakra G -16c/3107 Hz Hematite
Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra Ab +32c/3367 Hz Tiger's Eye
Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra B +38c/2020 Hz Yellow Jade
Anahata or Heart Chakra C# -31c/2178 Hz Rose Quartz
Vishuddha or Throat Chakra C# +33c/2260 Hz Turquoise
Ajna or Brow Chakra A +10c/3540 Hz Lapis
Sahasrara or Crown Chakra F -26c/2753 Hz Amethyst



Materials & Parts: Walnut finish ash wood, seven silver polished aluminum solid rods
Tuning Details: Tuned to the frequencies of the chakras
Measurements are: 11 inches long x 6 inches wide x 1 inch tall
Piece Weighs: 1.8 lbs
Warranty: 1-Year
Ships UPS Ground: Shipped in a Kraft gift box

Additional Details:

  • Let the sound vibrations of this chime help keep your chakras in tune.
  • Stones included genuine hematite tiger's eye, yellow jade, rose quartz, turquoise lapis, and amethyst.
  • Malet included


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