TEC Grills

TEC Infrared Grilling Systems TEC infrared grills are innovative designs that produce a true 100% infrared energy. These grills are specially configured using stainless steel burners that will heat every inch of the grill evenly for optimal cooking. Above the burners rest high-temperature glass panels that radiate infrared heat and protect your food from hot air, which can strip meats of their natural moisture. When drippings fall on these glass panels, they are instantly vaporized, creating a rich and flavorful smoke. On top of the glass panels are the stainless cooking grates - the cooking surface you will use and love. Outdoor Barbecues from TEC Infrared grills from TEC are flare-proof for the ultimate in safety and ease of cooking. These grills preheat quickly in just seven minutes and feature a wide range of settings for cooking everything from steaks to delicate fish. Try searing steaks to lock in the flavorful juices, grilling vegetables and even roasting meats to low and slow perfection.   
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