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Sugarboo Designs

Sugarboo Design- Prints, Home Decor Wall Decor 

Sugarboo Designs was founded by the husband and wife team Rebecca and Rick Puig as a way to showcase Rebecca's original art works. What makes Sugarboo Designs so special is that each unique piece is inspired by family, the outdoors and vintage photographs to create a truly one of a kind work and experience. The Garden Gates' designers love this brand because it combines paintings, sketches, picture frames and more, and Sugarboo's sweet sayings and inspirational words will uplift your spirit and soothe your soul. These large and small eclectic pieces depict whimsical animals, beautiful texts and mixed media, and they come in many colors and themes to add to your existing decor or to create a look that is entirely your own and new. Sugarboo Designs uses reclaimed wood to frame their canvas wall art, and every picture framing and wall canvas art is treated with the utmost care.