Dried Lavender Bunches for Sale, Lavender Candles and Lavender Sachets Dried lavender bunches for sale, lavender candles and lavender sachets from The Garden Gates are a natural way to add fragrance to any room in your home and to create a calm, relaxing environment. The Lavender Lime Candle from Nouvelle Candles comes in two options of beautiful, decorative containers. Try the Lavender Lime candle in either the cream crackle urn or the distressed oval urn for great additions to your home decor. Both can be used as urns for plants and look nice on their own in any room in the home. Try both of the Lavender Lime candles for different areas of the home; the distressed oval urn is best for a large area, such as a kitchen or family room. The cream crackle urn in Lavender Lime works great in a bathroom, bedroom or living room.
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