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Kitchen Towels, Funny Kitchen Towels and Home Decor Linens Dish towels and kitchen dish towels with amusing phrases will get a laugh out of anyone. With the great selection of sayings on these kitchen towels, they will add to your kitchen decor and help clean up at the same time. You have to have kitchen dish towels, so why not get some that will bring a smile to your face? Dish Towels and Kitchen Dish Towels Try these kitchen towels and dish towels with cute and cheeky sayings on them. Chances are, you'll know just who to give each of these towels to as gifts or little thoughts. Each kitchen dish towel is made of 100% cotton and regular dish towel size. Hang kitchen towels on the front of the oven or dishwasher to have a laugh when you walk into the kitchen or drape a dish towel on the bar when entertaining company. These kitchen towels will be cute party favors for your group of favorite girl friends 

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